8 Million Filler Users Complain About This Phenomenon

8 Million Filler Users Complain About This Phenomenon

Could it be
possible that dermal fillers, one of America’s most beloved age-reversing
treatments, are experiencing a falling off of sorts? Despite the fact that the
quick fix remains popular, a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll sheds
light on a brand-new phenomenon known as needle fatigue, and it turns out that
a staggering eight million filler users experience it.

In the
report, 58 percent of filler users note frustration and hassle when it comes to
scheduling regular filler appointments. The cost of regular maintenance is reason
enough for these respondents not to get filler as often as they
would like. And more than two in three filler users claim that the results from
filler dont’t last as long as they did before.

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There are a
myriad of different fillers on the market, each with their own unique set of
nuances, but one similarity is that most of them don’t last for longer than a year. And that’s where Bellafill, the
only FDA-approved filler that lasts five years, comes in. Different from
hyaluronic acid fillers, Bellafill, which is made up of PMMA and collagen,
works immediately and long-term on nasolabial folds and can also be used to
correct severe acne scars on the cheeks (it only lasts one year for acne
correction). The PMMA in the formula creates a scaffolding of sorts
in the skin, creating new collagen and giving way to long-term smoothness. In
fact, 91 percent of those surveyed in the poll said that a filler that lasts five
years is important to them.

For those who do suffer from needle fatigue, a filler “refill” every six months might not be necessary after all. A longer-lasting product like Bellafill could be the right solution if your dermatologist
or plastic surgeon feels it is a viable option.


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