A CBD-Infused Mascara That Gives You Mile-Long Lashes

A CBD-Infused Mascara That Gives You Mile-Long Lashes

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
A cannabis oil–infused mascara that nourishes brittle lashes
and delivers mile-high volume with a single flick of a wand.

If You Want to Know More:
Mascara is personal. Some users fancy the natural look,
others want a full false-lash effect from their tubes each morning. My happy
place falls somewhere right in the middle—full enough to make me look awake,
but not clumpy enough you can see them from more than 10 feet away—and it’s
proven to be harder to find than I had imagined. The formulas that give me the
right volume also leave my lashes dry and are tough to get off (so much that I end
up losing some of my precious lashes in the process) and the ones that
condition my lashes leave me looking like I have nothing on. But, I finally
found The One, and the secret is cannabis oil.

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Usually, mascaras will use ingredients like lanolin or
beeswax to bind the formula together and nourish lashes, but on the heels of
Milk Makeup’s announcement that it has gone 100-percent vegan, the brand decided
to use cannabis oil (along with poppy seed and sunflower seed oils) in its new Kush High Volume Mascara ($24) in place of popular animal-derived options. The result:
a creamy texture that’s smooth-as-silk (read: no clumps) and delivers stay-put
volume without ruining the lashes underneath. Take a peek at these jaw-dropping photos to see what I mean. 

Images/Milk Makeup


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