A New Neck Cream That Delivered Visible Results in 2 Weeks

A New Neck Cream That Delivered Visible Results in 2 Weeks

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
The new Revision Skincare Nectifirm ADVANCED ($133) is a next-generation firming product that leverages the skin’s microbiome
to provide age-defying results for those with moderate-to-advanced aging skin.

Key Ingredients:
Diglucosyl gallic acid works
with the skin’s own microbiome to achieve a brighter, even skin tone, a
proprietary blend of eight peptides smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lingonberry
extract provides antioxidant benefits, and red microalgae soothes and lifts

If You Want to Know More:
It’s not K-beauty status, but
my daily skin care regimen is pretty extensive. There is, however, one area that
is admittedly overlooked: my neck and décolleté. Between gravity’s
ever-present pull, daily sun exposure, and let’s be honest, tech neck, it was
time to add a powerful neck cream to the mix.

According to a recent study by
Kline & Company, Revision Skincare Nectifirm is the number-one neck brand
recommended by medical professionals, so naturally, I had to put the newest
innovation to the test. Nectifirm ADVANCED is the first neck product to
leverage our skin’s naturally occurring microbiome to help reduce visible signs
of moderate-to-advanced aging in the neck and décolleté. The main active
ingredient, diglucosyl gallic acid, works with the microbiome to enhance skin
for a brighter, more even tone, and a blend of eight peptides helps to lessen
the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Two pumps (enough product to work into my
skin from jawline to bra line) in the morning and night is all it takes to reap
the creams age-defying results, making this a simple step to incorporate into
my routine.

I usually give a product about
a month’s time to wow me, but in just two weeks Nectifirm ADVANCED blew me away
with visible results. There’s one pesky horizontal line on my neck that’s
deeper than the rest, thanks to craning over my phone all day long, and after
14 days, it was less noticeable. This is one of the few products that truly gave
me hope that I could reap anti-aging benefits without any needles, scalpels or
invasive procedures. After a month-long commitment to Nectifirm ADVANCED, my
crepey neck skin was less visible, and my skin tone was noticeably brighter and
smoother. Consistency is key with this product, but with such great results,
it’s a no-brainer to keep reaching for it day after day.


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