A Non-Surgical Treatment That Can Reduce Fat in Just 25 Minutes

A Non-Surgical Treatment That Can Reduce Fat in Just 25 Minutes

It’s no secret that non-surgical
body contouring treatments are sought-after more than ever, and one innovation
is leading the way. SculpSure® reduces fat cells by up to 24 percent in 25-minute
sessions, all without surgery or downtime.1 The controlled,
light-based treatment is FDA-cleared to eliminate fat from the belly, love
handles, back, thighs, and under the chin—all areas that can be considered
trouble spots resistant to diet and exercise.

SculpSure really lets us do
what people are asking us for—to change their shape,” explains New York plastic
surgeon, Lawrence Bass, MD.

“Because of the short
treatment time, SculpSure makes it very practical and easy.”

SculpSure is an excellent
option for both men and women in search of a plastic surgery alternative that
yields results but doesn’t require incisions or anesthesia.

During the procedure, laser
applicators attach to a belt that the patient wears around the treatment area.
Once the treatment starts, the
applicators become cool followed by intermittent laser energy that effectively
targets fat for the duration of the session. The cooling mechanism allows the
laser to effectively target fat cells beneath the skin safely and without
irritating the skin. Once the treatment is complete, there is truly zero
downtime, and patients can go on with their daily activities.

“My patients are able to come
in for a quick visit and then return to their busy schedules without any
downtime,” says Philadelphia dermatologist Nazanin Saedi, MD.

vary by patient, but for the most part, you can notice a difference as early as
six weeks following the treatment, which is when the body begins to naturally eliminate
the dead fat cells. Optimal results are seen at 12 weeks. Over the course of
the 12 weeks following the procedure, the body’s lymphatic system naturally
eliminates the destroyed fat cells. The best part? Once the fat cells are
destroyed, they can no longer regenerate.

Melissa S., who is a patient
of Clevens Face and Body Specialists in Melbourne, FL, treated her upper and
lower abdomen in addition to her left and right love handles and shares her
positive experience with SculpSure:

“The results have been AWESOME! I’ve lost almost three
inches off my waist, which I never thought possible after having a baby. My
clothes absolutely fit better! I don’t have that muffin top thing going on
anymore. I’m definitely more confident, and it also motivates me to keep going
and keep working out. If you feel good about yourself, it really can enhance
the rest of your life. I’m really happy that I chose to come and have my
consultation and go for it!”


Even with diet and exercise,
some areas of the body still store that stubborn fat that can seem impossible
to lose. If you’re considering SculpSure, consult with a licensed practitioner to discuss your goals and how many sessions will
yield the best results. With no downtime, customizable treatment plans and FDA-clearance
on multiple body areas, there’s no excuse to not consider SculpSure as a means
to permanently wipe out fat cells.

To learn more about SculpSure
or to find a provider near you, visit https://www.sculpsure.com/.

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