A Supercharged Microneedling Treatment Now Exists

A Supercharged Microneedling Treatment Now Exists

If 2017 was the year of microneedling, 2018 is destined to be
all about fractional radio-frequency microneedling. Available exclusively at
doctor’s offices, think of this version as microneedling on steroids.

Laser and energy-based giant Cutera just launched Secret RF, a
brand-new fractional radio-frequency device that jumpstarts collagen production,
smooths out minimal wrinkles and lightens up scars. Different from
microneedling treatments you’ve come to know and love, Secret RF adds
controlled radio-frequency energy to the mix to target deeper layers of skin
while leaving the outer layer of skin intact.

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“Our physician customers have come to rely on our advanced
technologies providing the best patient care possible. Today’s
announcement reaffirms our commitment to providing products with the highest
level of performance, safety and efficacy,” says James Reinstein, CEO of
Cutera, Inc. 

Compatible with all skin types, Secret RF can be used on both
the face and body. A single session takes about 15 minutes and most
patients report improvement after one treatment, although up to three may be recommended. 


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