All the Healthy Foods Kelly Ripa’s Trainer Keeps in Her Fridge

All the Healthy Foods Kelly Ripa’s Trainer Keeps in Her Fridge

trainers obviously know a thing or two about staying fit through exercise, but rarely
do we realize just how much they know regarding healthy eating tips,
too. Aside from hours clocked in at the gym, celebrity fitness trainers typically stick to a balanced diet plan in order to keep their svelte physique fueled
up for their sure-to-be hectic day. And with clients like Kelly Ripa, Shakira
and Hilary Duff, we figured who better to ask than celebrity trainer
Anna Kaiser of AKT In Motion for her favorite good-for-you meals? It turns out, the ultra-fit coach knows
exactly how to stock her fridge for a day of fulfilling, nourishing foods.
Keep reading for her food diary that anyone can recreate at home.

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As her most important
meal of the day, Kaiser starts off with coffee blended with stevia and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil which “gives
the body fast, but long-lasting energy as well as curbs cravings.” She also enjoys eggs and avocado in the morning because starting the day with vital proteins and healthy fats is important for keeping her full for

For lunch, Kaiser eats
sashimi with pickled ginger and roasted brussel sprouts. “I normally eat lunch
after a workout, and sashimi gives me the protein my muscles need to recover
and keep me going,” she explains. In addition to sashimi, Kaiser revealed via
Instagram that she’s also a fan of steamed cod topped with olive oil and pink Himalayan
salt as another option for her midday meal.

It’s rare for any of us
to make it to dinner without having a mini snack during the day, and this fact certainly isn’t lost on Kaiser. But instead of reaching for a
bag of chips or cookies, Kaiser opts for much healthier options. “[I eat] grass-fed
beef jerky [because] working out as much as I do, I’m always needing protein to
keep going.” Kaiser also likes to indulge in almonds, cashews, seaweed, and toasted
hemp seeds. But for times when she’s craving something a little sweeter, Kaiser chooses Primal Dark Chocolate or Pure Protein Birthday Cake Bars. She also incorporates matcha powder into her diet because according to Kaiser, it’s “high in
antioxidants and improves memory and focus.”

As for dinner, Kaiser
recommends breaking out the grill this summer. “A good dinner option is BBQ
chicken, quinoa and asparagus which is packed with vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6,
as well as calcium, protein and fiber.” Because this meal is generally quick and
easy to make, it’s a great option for those short on time in the evenings. Talk about a healthy meal win-win!

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