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Elle Macpherson Talks Entrepreneurial Instincts, Feel-Good Eating, and How to Live the Good Life

To the naked eye, it appears that remarkably little has changed about Elle Macpherson in the quarter-century since she was an 18-year-old Aussie surf junkie who started modeling to pay for law-school textbooks. Her legs are still infinite and impossibly lean, her hair still tosses like it’s in the gust of a perpetual wind [...]

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BeautyBlender Just Launched a New Product You Weren't Expecting

Beautyblender, the brand that brought you the makeup tool you never knew you needed but now can't live without, has big news: it's launching foundation—Bounce Liquid Whip Long-Wear Foundation ($40)—and it hits the market today! You may have never guessed it would expand into makeup, but it makes perfect sense, especially considering the brand's [...]

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This $14 Retinol Is the Most-Trending Product on All of Amazon Right Now

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon Prime Day offers more than just amazing deals on electronics and home goods. In fact, according to PopSugar, the top-trending product on the entire site right now is none other than an item found within their beauty section, specifically, the Baebody Retinol Moisturizer ($14, originally $40).You May Also Like: 6 Reasons to [...]

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Doctors Are Seeing an Influx of Deformities From Bad Microneedling Jobs

Scottsdale, AZ facial plastic surgeon Kelly Bomer, MD loves microneedling—more specifically, she loves microneedling with radio frequency and refers to it as “one of the biggest innovations in beauty right now.”“The treatment has the potential for tightening the skin and melting subcutaneous fat,” she says. “It also has a place for slimming the neck with [...]

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Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Gets Real About Her Postpartum Body

You probably know Ali Fedotowsky from her days as "The Bachelorette," but since the show, she's gotten married (not to Roberto, who "won" on her season), had two adorable kids, launched a successful blog and become a TV personality. One thing we love about Fedotowsky—there are many—is her relatability, which makes her seem like [...]

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A New Pimple Patch Just Launched That's Great for Deep Hormonal Acne

SokoGlam founder Charlotte Cho has access to all the latest skin care innovations that first prove successful in South Korea before hitting the U.S., so we're always on the lookout for her favorite discoveries. Today, the K-beauty guru took to Instagram to reveal a new product that's caught her eye, which she says works wonders [...]

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Exactly What Susan Lucci Eats In a Day to Get Her Fit Physique at 71

After more than 40 years as the star of All My Children, Susan Lucci can officially be called a legend within the soap opera world. Plus, at 71 years old, the actress looks better than ever thanks to her dedicated Pilates routine and a healthy, wholesome diet. Luckily for fans, Lucci—who is married to [...]

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Stylists Reveal Their Best At-Home Color Tips

It’s a tale as old as hair-coloring time: Schedule a salon appointment or take the DIY route? “Ideally, you’d want to consult with a professional colorist who can point you to shades and formulas that will work with your skin tone, as well as your hair type and porosity,” says Tiffanie Richards, colorist at [...]

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Why today's breast augmentation is better than ever

With the latest implant options and surgical techniques, breast augmentation today is now even better than ever and can help women get the natural look they want while also improving their self-confidence and body image.

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This Summer Lip Staple Is Trending Big on Pinterest

Dermatologists and aestheticians—and beauty editors of course—regularly preach about the importance of wearing SPF on your face and body daily, but one thing not talked about as often is the need for sunscreen on your lips as well. So when we heard that searches on Pinterest for lip balms with SPF have increased a whopping 304 percent since last [...]

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Kim Kardashian West Used to Never Wear These Two Beauty Staples

The Kim Kardashian West the world knows today is one of, if not the biggest, beauty icon that exists. With her KKW makeup line and ever changing hairstyles, she can be credited for introducing most beauty trends. You Might Also Like: Kim Kardashian West's Concealer Hack Can Make Your Lashes Look Longer However, that [...]

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Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz Just Killed the #Nofilter Selfie Game

Best friends forever Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz have one of the longest lasting friendships in Hollywood and one quality the two besties have in common is a willingness to show off their natural beauty without the intervention of Photoshop or filters. The former Charlie’s Angels costars have been super open with fans about aging gracefully [...]

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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay Record Lawsuit Award in Baby Powder Case

Update: July 13, 2018A Missouri jury has just released the largest verdict to date against Johnson & Johnson over allegations that its talc-based products cause cancer. The court has ordered J&J to pay a record $4.69 billion to the 22 women who claim the company’s products contain asbestos and caused them to develop ovarian cancer.J&J denies [...]

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Amazon Is Launching Exclusive Beauty Products for Prime Day

The start of summer means a few things: rising temperatures, replenishing the SPF stash and, more importantly for all us shopaholics, Amazon Prime Day. This year, the savings-filled event includes exclusive new products available only for Prime members and can be shopped before the sale officially kicks off on July 16th at 3 p.m. [...]

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The Only Lip Product You Need This Summer Is Under $15

Let’s Just Get to the Point:Velvet Matte Sheer ($14), the latest launch from Victoria’s Secret, finally does the impossible and combines the nourishing factor of a balm, the stay-put power of a matte lip paint and the sex-pot vibe only a lip stain gives off—and won't break the bank. If You Want to Know [...]

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When is the time right for body contouring after major weight loss?

Achieving a major weight loss goal is a huge success by itself and certainly a milestone to celebrate. Yet, even after having achieved their weight loss goals, many men and women struggle with excess skin after significant weight loss that can hinder their final results.

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Halle Berry Says This Food Is the Reason Her Skin Looks So Young

At 51-years-old, Halle Berry is somewhat of anomaly, almost defying the aging process completely. Not only is her body beyond toned and physically fit, but her face is amazingly wrinkle-free, making us wonder exactly how she keeps herself looking so youthful. Well, luckily for us, Berry gave insight into her beauty secrets in a [...]

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Victoria Secret Model Candice Swanepoel Celebrates What a Postpartum Body Actually Looks Like

This goes without saying, but the internet is a vicious place—especially for celebrities. It seems that with every image posted, celebrities are criticized without mercy, particularly when it comes to their looks. Sadly, the latest victim of this type of online bullying is none other than Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, who just gave [...]

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Three Ways to Look Younger in Three Weeks

Anyone over the page of 30 has probably noticed a line or wrinkle suddenly appearing on their face. The unfortunate reality is that no matter how well we’ve taken care of your skin, we can expect to naturally lose some volume as part of the aging process – which gives rise to fine lines [...]

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The Skin Booster That’s Changing My Mind About Supplements

Let’s Just Get to the Point:Ceramides are our skin’s natural hydrators, helping to fortify the skin’s moisture barrier and plump it up. NeoCell Ceramides Skin Hydrator ($19) is a quick and easy way to up your good ingredients count with a daily ingestable supplement. If You Want to Know More:When it comes to pill-popping, I’m [...]

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LUSH’s Best-Selling Products Just Got a HUGE Upgrade

Calling all LUSH fans: The brand has finally answered your prayers. Its best-sellers in body and hair products—several of which I literally use a silicone spatula to scrape out whatever I can manage from the bottom of the pot; if you haven't smelled the addictive Sleepy Body Lotion or Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, you're [...]

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