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L'Oréal Just Bought a Company Whose Product You've Likely Used Before

One of the key power players in the beauty industry, L'Oréal, just announced some BIG news: It's acquiring ModiFace, the leading tech company behind many beloved "try before you buy" beauty apps, which will significantly propel the company's digital strategy and open new doors to the world of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.This means [...]

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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Says She Won’t Inject These Parts of Her Face Again

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been candid about her plastic surgery regrets in the past, but a new interview with People is proving that the reality star hasn’t let past experiences deter her from treatments. Instead, it’s only made her smarter about which ones work best for her. You May Also Like: What 'Vanderpump [...]

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How to Score a Free BITE Lipstick From Everyone's Favorite Accessory Brand

A post shared by Cuyana (@cuyana) on Mar 14, 2018 at 4:21pm PDT Fewer, better things may be Cuyana’s MO, but the leather accessories brand’s latest collaboration is hoard-worthy—especially for us lipstick lovers. If you’ve ever gotten restless over losing your lippie in your bag one too many times, the newly launched Lipstick Cases [...]

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Lucy Hale Keeps This Aesthetician-Favorite, Anti-Aging Device Next to Her Bed

With a major role in the CW’s new series Life Sentence, a starring part in the upcoming movie Truth or Dare, and a brand-new partnership with Degree deodorant, it’s a miracle Lucy Hale has time for anything, let alone skin care. However, it appears that those quiet moments to herself—whether it be on a [...]

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The FDA Is Making Major Moves Against the Cigarette Industry

The Food and Drug Administration just took a major step toward helping future generations avoid cigarette addictions by proposing a new plan to lower the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. You May Also Like: Botox Is Finally Approved by FDA for Use in the Forehead Area "Despite years of aggressive efforts to tackle the leading [...]

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Heidi Montag Says She Has 'No Temptation to Have Any Kind of Surgery' After Baby

Rewind to 2007: Heidi Montag from MTV's The Hills was at the center of media frenzy surrounding her overnight plastic surgery transformation—she literally had 10 surgeries in one day. From breast implants and liposuction to a browlift and even having her chin shaved down, Montag looked like a totally different person and her fresh-faced youth [...]

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Sarah Hyland Just Got 'Thin-Shamed' Again, But Won't Back Down

*Update March 15, 2018Sarah Hyland may be all smiles as her character Haley on Modern Family, but behind the scenes, she's had a tough couple of years. Not only has she suffered from kidney dysplasia (her kidneys didn't develop correctly in the womb and eventually required a transplant), and in the public eye, but she's [...]

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Victoria Beckham Is Launching Her Own Skin Care Line

If the sleek black and gold packaging of Victoria Beckham’s Estee Lauder collaboration left you wanting more (guilty), you’re in luck. Live from a Facebook video with none other than her clothing store as the backdrop, the 43-year-old Spice Girl announced that she’s getting back in the ring—this time, involving skin care. Beckham didn’t [...]

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The Powder That Feels Like a Facial Mist and Immediately Wakes Up Skin

Let’s Just Get to the Point:A perfect hybrid between a refreshing mist and an oil-obliterating powder, the latest from BECCA doesn’t create a show-stopping glow like its long list of highlighters, but completely reinvents the powder and mist you’d reach for when your skin is looking a little “blah,” which is just as important [...]

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Study Reveals the Bottled Water Brands With Highest Plastic Contamination

A new study commissioned by the Story of Stuff Project has found a widespread plastic microfiber–contamination in bottled water. This may not seem like a huge deal at first—the bottles are made up of plastic, after all—remember that because plastic doesn’t break down, it can accumulate wherever it lands, including our bodies. Within the [...]

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Doing This Can Get You Banned From Making Returns at Sephora

Bad news for those who love and adore Sephora’s return policy: It's officially possible to get banned from making returns in-store. While Sephora is notorious for its lenient return policy, plenty of people have taken advantage of its generous rules, which is why you might start to hit some roadblocks next time you try [...]

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13 Foundation Tips From Top Makeup Artists in 10 Words Or Less

Being a makeup artist is so much more than what we see on Instagram. Sure, watching beauty bloggers apply foundation with a bra or eyeliner with a string is fun, but the true professionals—the ones who spent years perfecting their craft backstage at fashion week or behind the scenes at photo shoots—have tips and [...]

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That One Time Cate Blanchett and Her Friend Sandy (Bullock) Went For a ‘Penis Facial’

Sometimes, out of the mouths of celebs come incredible stories that you can't even imagine to be true and when you hear them they sound like a dream you might have during a full moon or the punchline of an award show joke. This is very much the case with Cate Blanchett’s retelling of [...]

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Lo Bosworth Just Got Her Eyebrows Microbladed and Shared the Whole Process

We were first introduced to microblading in 2016, and it's showed no signs of slowing down since then. Celebs flock to the treatment because it lets you wake up to perfectly filled-in brows without ever having to pencil them in. The latest celeb to jump on the microblading bandwagon is Lo Bosworth, who entrusted Audrey [...]

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These New Beauty Teas Are So Much More Than the Average

Let’s Just Get to the Point:Beauty teas (and drinks for that matter) are nothing new. There are ones that promise to clear up acneic skin and others that claim to stimulate collagen production. Now, there are the oh-so-chic, custom-blended Olive & June Beauty Teas ($38 for the duo) that can be sipped daily for [...]

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People Are Saying This Popular Shampoo Brand Causes Hair Loss and Scalp Sores

The popular MONAT hair care line promises "vibrant, healthy" strands and the opportunity to run your own business via a direct sales/social marketing model but, as one Las Vegas woman is claiming, it comes with a whole lot of less-than-desirable results. "I took a picture of my hair, compared it to a picture of before I stared [...]

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The $10 Buildable Foundation That Feels Like a Second Skin

Let’s Just Get to the Point:Buildable, breathable and oil-free, this drugstore foundation feels super lightweight but provides medium-to-full coverage, leaving a shine-free matte finish that doesn’t dry you out. With 24 shades and a price point that won’t break the bank, Sleek MakeUP Lifeproof Foundation ($10) makes “feels like second skin” coverage accessible to [...]

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This Tea Has a Surprising Benefit Your Dentist Will Love

Let’s Just Get to the Point: Move over energy-boosting and tummy-flattening drinks—the next wave of beauty-boosting beverages is coming after your smile. Enter: qii, a dentist-approved, natural tea formulated with a neutral pH and without any sugars to keep your smile healthy and fresh. A post shared by qii (@drinkqii) on Feb 2, 2018 at [...]

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Meghan Markle Just Changed Her Hair Color and She Looks SO Good

When it comes to royalty, we can’t help but keep tabs on England’s most famous family, even for the small things. For example, a few months ago Kate Middleton got a small haircut—only a few inches—and everyone couldn’t stop analyzing her new look. And now, Meghan Markle just revealed her own subtle hair change and [...]

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This New Spot Treatment Is Made with Charcoal to Clear Breakouts Faster

Let’s Just Get to the Point:There’s a new spot treatment in town, and it doesn’t disappoint. Taking it one (or two) steps further than similar options, Boscia’s Charcoal Spot Corrector ($28) is brimming with activated charcoal, salicylic acid and willow herb extract to purify pores, treat them and keep redness at bay. If You Want [...]

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The 'New' Way Botox Is Being Used Really Isn't New at All

Botox Cosmetic, as well as its neuromodulator counterparts Dysport and Xeomin, are some of the most popular in-office treatments for the simple fact that they really make lines and wrinkles disappear. But, that's not all they're good for. Because of their ability to "freeze" muscles that play a role in causing pain (think migraines [...]

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