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Sientra Welcomed as Sapphire Supporter for Plastic Surgery The Meeting

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is pleased to announce that medical aesthetics manufacturer, Sientra, has pledged their support at the Sapphire level for Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

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Galderma Pledges Support for Plastic Surgery The Meeting

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is pleased to announce Silver level support from Galderma, a global medical solutions business within Nestlé Skin Health, for its 87th annual scientific conference, Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

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Plastic Surgery Societies Issue Urgent Warning About the Risks Associated with Brazilian Butt Lifts

Gluteal fat grafting, more commonly referred to as the popular Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, has resulted in an alarming rate of mortality, estimated to be as high as 1:3,000, a rate of death far greater than any other cosmetic surgery.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Stunning Waves Are Thanks to this $2 Product

Jennifer Aniston's hair has been the topic of discussion and envy for decades now. She's had a range of iconic styles from "The Rachel" cut to her signature dirty blonde color. Now, in her latest shoot for InStyle, we got to see her with loose waves. This stunning, messy style may look pricey and [...]

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The Perfect Brows For Your Face Shape

Figuring out an eyebrow shape that works with the dimensions of your face isn’t always easy. To help out, we invited Mary Irwin, celebrity makeup artist, to NewBeauty to teach us a thing or two about creating the most flattering, timeless brows for three of the most common face shapes; heart, oval, and square. [...]

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Carrie Underwood Reveals the Truth About the Plastic Surgery Speculation After Her Accident

After a fall in November left Carrie Underwood with 40 stitches in her face, fans speculated whether or not the country music star would ever look the same. Months went by, and when Underwood finally did reveal herself post-accident, she looked absolutely stunning, leading to various rumors claiming that she got plastic surgery to [...]

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These 3 Foods Are the Most Likely to Make You Sick

While it may seem like there's a new food recall issued every other day, a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that those recalls aren’t necessarily the most important thing we should be worrying about when it comes to avoiding foodborne illness. In fact, there are certain food [...]

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A Noninvasive Procedure That Tones Muscle and Eliminates Fat

Unwanted fat can be frozen, melted, tightened and eliminated from our bodies in little to no time with help from in-office procedures, treatments and liposuction, but unless fat is injected to the area, the muscle underneath is always left untouched. BTL EMSCULPT is the first and only technology to use high-intensity electromagnetic energy to [...]

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The New Kevyn Aucoin Documentary Explains Every Beauty Trend from the Late 80s to the Early Oughts

At times a full anthology of 90’s beauty, at others an allegory of the pitfalls of fame and fortune, Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story is a documentary that deconstructs the rise and untimely death of one beauty’s biggest icons—and it’s a must see for 90s fanatics and makeup enthusiasts everywhere. For anyone who is old [...]

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The Workout That Jennifer Aniston Calls "Amazing" For Her Body at 49

Jennifer Aniston is, as usual, at the top of her game—regardless of what the tabloids have been saying about her lately. With yet another movie in the works (it's called Dumplin’, set to release later this year!), Aniston wants everyone to know that she’s doing just fine despite her recent breakup with ex-husband Justin Theroux.“First, with all [...]

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I Tried 4 Different Air Dry Styling Products and My Hair Has Never Looked Better With So Little Work

For years, every time a hair styling product landed on my desk, I would, without fail, turn around and immediately put it in the to-shelve pile. Styling products generally don’t work for me—the simple reason being that beyond pulling my strands into a ponytail, I don’t know how to do anything else with my [...]

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This Instagram-Famous Foundation Is on Sale Right Now—Along With Almost Every Other Product on Their Site

Good news for Tarte fans: Tarte’s insanely popular and Instagram-famous foundation, Shape Tape ($39), can now be purchased at a majorly discounted price online. In honor of their Family and Friends Sale—which is ongoing from July 29 to August 3—the much-beloved foundation can now be bought at 25 percent off. You May Also Like: This New Athleisure [...]

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Chrissy Teigen Just Posted a Naked Image of Her Post-Partum Body: “This Is My New Body”

Just two months after giving birth to her adorable son Miles, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram stories to celebrate her post-partum body, sharing all the physical changes she's undergone lately. In an honest and unfiltered video, the supermodel scans her naked body while talking about her stretch marks: “I guess these just aren't gonna go [...]

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio Reveals She Has Trichotillomania

It’s rare for celebrities, models and public figures to be brutally honest on social media, after all, they're constantly scrutinized by what they say and do. Knowing this, we can't help but admire when celebrities finally open up about their personal lives, especially when it comes to their daily struggles. The latest celebrity to [...]

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How Makeup Brands Choose Their Exact Foundation Shades

Coverage and wear time used to be the main defining factors of a good foundation, but in 2018, inclusivity finally ranks number one. “For too long, the term ‘flesh color’ was used to describe beige skin, which is a disheartening and regrettable misnomer,” says Linda Wells, creator of the latest rule-breaking makeup line Flesh, [...]

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Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West Both Just Debuted This Fan-Favorite Hairstyle

Just a week after Khloe Kardashian tweeted that she wasn’t ready to cut her hair, she shared an Instagram of her new sleek lob. You Might Also Like: Jennifer Lopez's 14 Most Iconic Looks Through The Ages Last Saturday, one Twitter user shared a picture of Khloe with short hair, claiming Khloe’s short hair "was [...]

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Patients Opt for 3D Simulation for Breast Augmentation – But It Doesn't Improve Outcomes

Three-dimensional image simulation is popular among women planning breast augmentation surgery. But while this evolving technology may enhance communication, it doesn't improve patient satisfaction with the results of the procedure, reports a paper in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). [...]

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Implants Made by Computer-Aided Design Provide Good Results in Patients with Rare Chest Muscle Deformity

For patients with Poland syndrome – a rare congenital condition affecting the chest muscle – computer-aided design (CAD) techniques can be used to create custom-made silicone implants for reconstructive surgery of the chest, reports a paper in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of [...]

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Real Beauty Advice: My Friend Is Getting Addicted to Cosmetic Treatments and Surgery—Can I Say Something?

Welcome to Real Beauty Advice, where we're tackling the tough questions you can't find answers to on YouTube. We’re not talking about smoky eye techniques or the latest product launch; we’re talking aging fears, judgmental peers, plastic surgery stigmas and more. In this series, we ask experts to weigh in on hard-to-navigate situations that prove beauty [...]

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Elizabeth Perkins on Big Hair, Big Wigs and Why Pounds of Makeup Can’t Compensate for a Life Lived Hard

Even if you’re only somewhat up-do-date with the stockpile that is TV’s most binge-worthy shows, you’ve probably noticed that Elizabeth Perkins keeps popping up. She plays funny in Curb Your Enthusiasm as Marty Funkhouser’s new girlfriend; serious and stoic on This is Us as Mandy Moore’s mother; and “over-the-top” in Netflix’s Glow. Now, the new HBO [...]

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