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We Asked an Eye Expert Our Top 10 Eye Rejuvenation Questions

With all the creams, serums, eye-masks and gadgets out there to refresh the eye area, it’s hard to know what to use or how to treat the delicate skin around your eyes. Whether it’s droopy lids, under-eye bags, crow’s feet, dark circles or overall puffiness, it seems like everyone has a eye different problem [...]

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Why Everyone Is Talking About the “Alkaline Glow”—And How to Get It

Chances are, you’ve been told that glowing skin starts from the inside out. The idea that “healthy skin is happy skin” is a cliché for a reason. Ask anyone with an enviable glow and blemish-free skin and they’ll tell you: Diet and health matter just as much as topical treatments and beauty products. For [...]

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Can 3D imaging help you pick the perfect breast implants?

Making a decision about breast implant size can be much more involved than patients might realize, which is why using a 3D imaging can be so helpful.

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Why One of the Hottest Plastic Surgery Procedures Is Also the Deadliest

If you’re even a casual consumer of those provocative, live-from-the-OR plastic surgery videos on social media, you’ve no doubt seen the Brazilian butt lift in action: the bare bum (obligatory fabric strip hiding its not-suitable-for-IG crack), the splay of syringes full of peach-hued fat, the steely cannula mesmerizing audiences with every jab. These snippets, their [...]

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MAC Is Giving Away Full-Size Lipsticks This Weekend, and There’s No Catch

A post shared by M·A·C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics) on Jul 24, 2017 at 4:03pm PDT Whatever your plans are this Sunday, July 29, make sure to add this to your to-do list: Swing by a MAC counter. This is because in celebration of National Lipstick Day, MAC wants to give you a full sized lipstick [...]

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Sephora Is Giving Out Free Face Masks This Weekend Only

Here's a present you weren't expecting to receive this Christmas in July: This weekend only, Sephora's offering something that rarely comes around: free skincare!You May Also Like: You Can Now Get Free Samples at CVSHere’s the deal: Head to your closest Sephora between July 27 to July 29 and receive a Sephora Collection face mask [...]

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The One Ingredient That's Key to Jillian Michaels' Flawless Skin

Jillian Michaels is all about keeping her body healthy, so it's no surprise to find that she shows this same due diligence when it comes to maintaining a skin care routine. She shared with Shape a few of her top skin care tips, along with one key ingredient she incorporates. You May Also Like: 4 Editors [...]

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Vicki Gunvalson, the OG Real Housewife, Swears Off Fillers Once and For All

Reality star Vicki Gunvalson tells it like it is. While she might not be on the outs (at the moment) with her fellow Real Housewives of Orange County cast mates, there are some things Gunvalson says she is no longer having anything to do with: plastic surgery and fillers. In a video, Gunvalson said, [...]

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If You Have Pale Skin, This Is The Most Important Skin Care Rule to Live By

It’s not new information that successfully avoiding a sunburn starts with generously applying sunscreen every day. However, a new study reveals that applying SPF isn’t the only sun protective measures you should be taking while out in the sun. In fact, the study revealed that those who only use sunscreen have a higher likelihood of [...]

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This Is the Number-One Concealer in the Country

All 12 shades of fan favorite instant age rewind concealer! Get them all in the US online and in stores at @walmart and @target. A post shared by Maybelline New York (@maybelline) on Apr 16, 2018 at 11:30am PDT I know I’m not alone in naming a tube of concealer as my desert-island beauty [...]

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Celebrity Hairstylists Say Never to Believe These Popular Hair Claims

Separating fact from fiction is hard, especially when it comes to hair. With so many myths floating around the hair care industry, it's incredibly hard to distinguish fake news from the actual truth. So, we tapped some of the world's most sought-after celebrity hair stylists to debunk the most common hair myths in the [...]

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Paris Hilton Admits She’s Never Tried This Popular Beauty Treatment

It’s no secret that over the past decade, celebrities and individuals alike are turning to cosmetic treatments and procedures like fillers and Botox Cosmetic to get immediate skin care results. However, just as Kylie Jenner admits she’s had her lip fillers removed, Paris Hilton also shared her more natural approach to beauty. "I've never done [...]

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The Best Treatments to Do This Summer

Come summer, not every skin-perfecting, fat-zapping, age-preventing treatment is a hot-weather must. In fact, plenty of doctors actually warn against having certain aesthetic procedures performed during the summer months because of increased sun exposure, which can hinder results. That doesn’t mean that everything is off limits—plenty of sun-safe treatments can be done, as long [...]

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The Exact Foundation That Gives Kris Jenner Her Youthful Complexion

We know it’s a cheesy cliché, but Kris Jenner does look like she could be Kim or Khloé’s sister. As the matriarch of the Kardashian klan, Kris really sets the tone for stunning beauty looks. Jenner often relies on longtime makeup artist Etienne Ortega to achieve her day-to-day and red-carpet looks. "I see Kris more [...]

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What you do in the years after a facelift can affect your results

The way you care for your skin after your facelift will play a major role in determining how long you may be able to enjoy those same beautiful results.

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This Best-Selling Target Product Just Launched Its Retinol-Based Counterpart

Target beauty shoppers, listen up! One of the best-selling products available within the beauty aisles of our favorite mega-retailer just launched its retinol counterpart and it’s one of the more exciting Target announcements to happen in a long time.You May Also Like: This News From Target Will Change Its Beauty Department ForeverThe Pixi by Petra [...]

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The Silky-Smooth Foundation That's Perfect for Summertime Skin

Let’s Just Get to the Point:The Younique Touch Mineral Pressed Foundation Powder​ ($32) is the new complexion-correcting product I had no idea my summer skin needed—until now. It delivers a flawless, airbrushed finish with buildable, medium-to-full coverage without causing any breakouts, even after a long day of wear.You May Also Like: This New Foundation Feels [...]

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The Dark Side of Probiotics No One Is Talking About

From top-notch physicians to celebrity nutritionists, health experts far and wide claim that probiotics are the must-take supplement of the moment. And with so many people in the medical field promoting the gut-health benefits of probiotics, we can’t help but believe in them, which is why the results of a new probiotic-focused study come [...]

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P&G Just Bought This Ultra-Popular Skin Care Brand for $250 Million

Proctor and Gamble—which houses popular brands like Olay and SK-II—just announced that it's acquired the widely loved skin care brand, First Aid Beauty, for $250 Million, Women's Wear Daily reports.You May Also Like: L'Oréal Just Bought a Company Whose Product You've Likely Used BeforeAs a brand focusing on healing common skin concerns, particularly when it comes to [...]

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Lip Mousse Is the Modern Matte We've Been Waiting For

Let's Get Straight to the Point: There are sticks, balms, glosses, stains, powders—the list goes on. But have you ever tried a lip mousse? I'll admit I was skeptical at first, but Urban Decay's new Lo-Fi Lip Mousse ($22) is a real crowd-pleaser.You May Also Like: These 11 Celebs' Eye-Catching Lip Colors Prove the Bold [...]

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Five minimally invasive treatments to look your best this summer

Take advantage of the summer months to stock up on some of these great minimally invasive skin and body treatments so you can look and feel your best while the weather is at its most gorgeous!

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Allergan Pledges Support as Sapphire Sponsor of Plastic Surgery The Meeting

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is proud to announce Allergan as a Sapphire sponsor of the 87th annual scientific conference, Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

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