Ayesha Curry on PRP Facials, Pink-Pearl Lipstick From Walmart and Why Her Daughter Thinks She’s a Makeup Artist

Ayesha Curry on PRP Facials, Pink-Pearl Lipstick From Walmart and Why Her Daughter Thinks She’s a Makeup Artist

Ayesha Curry is in awe of the Empire State Building. The
28-year-old mom (she recently announced she’s pregnant with number three!),
wife of NBA star Stephen Curry and CoverGirl spokesperson—the Food Network star
is the brand’s first chef and, more specifically, the face of the Peacock Flare Mascara campaign—is sitting in a New York hotel,
looking out the window. “Before we start, you have to look,” she says. “I can’t
stop looking.”

It’s that down-to-earth, does-it-all attitude that the brand
hopes gives them a fresh edge in the space. The days of “Easy, Breezy,
Beautiful,” are over and the rebranded slogan, “I Am What I Make Up”—complete
with a diverse cast of new ambassadors—is the new message.

Image/ CoverGirl

“For me, I already had a connection to the brand, so the
partnership was a no-brainer,” she says. “My first memory of makeup was going
to Walmart with my mom and she let me pick out my first lipstick. It was
CoverGirl—a shimmery, pink-pearl color that wasn’t my shade at all. But I wore
it. I wore it every day until the death.”

Now, Curry says, to recreate these memories with her own two
daughters, ages two and five, is “insane.”

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“They’re a little more into beauty than I would like!” she
laughs. “They’re always in my makeup bag playing around. At first, I was afraid
of it, but now I encourage it. It is a form of self-expression. My daughter is
SO proud of herself when she makes up someone’s face. She tells me she’s a
professional. Having those moments with them like I did with my mom is really
special. Of course, I let them know that they’re beautiful just the way they
are, and they don’t need makeup, but you can use beauty to sort of make a
‘different version of yourself.’”

Beyond the “fun” factor makeup plays in her family’s life, Curry
admits it’s the new ethos of the brand that really sold her. “I was so excited
to be part of the family and even more excited to be part of the new message
the brand is sending out. It’s an amazing group of women—a motor cross racer,
someone who is almost 70, a director/actress, and then I’m from culinary. I
love how women from different walks of life are coming together to send a
message of empowerment and diversity.”

Image/ CoverGirl

Ayesha’s Beauty Breakdown:

The beauty trend I wish I never tried: “Matching my lipstick
to my clothes.”

The bad beauty habit I wish I could shake: “Picking my skin!”

The beauty trend I wish would go away: “Yellow highlighter,
like that gold look. I don’t like it.”

The last product I use before I go to bed: “Tatcha Camellia
Beauty Oil.”

The beauty product I’ll never be without: “Peacock Flare
Mascara and ChapStick.”

The crazy beauty treatment I never admitted to doing: “PRP
Facials. I love them!”

The beauty product I buy over and over: “Face wipes. I love
a good face wipe. They can be used for a lot of different things”


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