Breast Augmentation with a Lift – Surgeon Minute

Breast Augmentation with a Lift – Surgeon Minute

Have you been told that adding an implant to your aging breasts can give the impression of a lift? It turns out that while this may be true for a few select women who are starting out with small breasts and have very little loose skin, it doesn’t apply to most women who are in search of a lifted bust line.

How does a surgeon decide if you need a lift at the time of breast augmentation? Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Cooper of Jupiter, Florida begins every breast augmentation with a series of questions which help him determine the best surgical strategy. Here he breaks down the questions and walks us through the decision making process.

The first step toward establishing a plan is discovering the size the patient would like to end up at after surgery. You may desire to return to a pre-baby cup size, or you may want to be only slightly fuller than you are now. “A lot of my patients are moms, and they’ve worked out a lot, and they are in great shape,” shares Dr. Cooper. A common consequence of being fit and active is that the volume of the breasts often declines along with body fat. A history of weight fluctuations or pregnancy can also lead to deflation of the breasts.

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