Jenna Dewan Tatum Says She Only Uses ONE Product To Get Her Perfect Tousled Beach Waves

Celebrities are always changing up their hair color and playing with different shades,  Jenna Dewan Tatum included. However, lately she’s kept it pretty much the same color with some subtle highlights added in here and there.You May Also Like: Gwyneth Paltrow Swears This Strange Treatment Got Rid of Her Scars  That doesn’t mean she [...]

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Why Kaia Gerber's Makeup Bag Is Always Stocked With These Two Items

Alexander Wang's Spring 2018 show hit the Brooklyn streets (literally) last night—and everyone is still buzzing about it this morning. The clothes! A Kim and Kris sighting! NARS makeup! Kendall! Bella! Kaia Gerber!The 16-year-old model and daughter of Cindy Crawford started the show, but as she shared with, she's not as into makeup [...]

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This $9 Tool Is How Models Slim and De-Puff Their Faces Instantly

Backstage at New York Fashion Week isn't typically the place "simplified beauty" but, as celeb aesthetician Liz Kennedy recently shared with E! News, there one go-to move budget-friendly move that models and the pros that prep them are swearing by this season. The secret: "Using a jade roller prior [to skin-care products] to reduce swelling and [...]

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US Open Stylist Julien Farel Reveals the Ultimate Tip on How to Avoid the Dreaded Ponytail Headache

Hair is one of those things that’s always been more about style rather than performance. However, for Julien Farel, the official hair stylist for the US Open for the 11th year running, styling hair that looks good is only half the battle. During the two weeks that the French stylist and his team operate [...]

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The 1-Step Trick to Your Sleekest, Frizz-Free Hair Ever

If you're a fan of hairspray, you've probably been using it the good, old fashion way: Spraying it into your hair after styling. However, most of the time that leads to crunchy ends or stiff-looking styles, but thankfully, there's an easy solution for that. According to hairstyling genius, Odile Gilbert (who we spoke to [...]

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This Trick Is the Ultimate Way to Cut Back on Cocktail Calories

Summer may be signing off, but New York barchef Lynnette Marrero says the trend in fresh, natural cocktails is not going away. "I love being able to offer clients an easy-to-make, high-quality cocktail that will reward them for a hard day's work or hard workout without leaving them crashing the next day," she says.Her secret? Surprisingly, [...]

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