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Why This Nivea Ad Is in A LOT of Hot Water

This is why black businesses need to rise up and cater for our needs. Nivea can’t get away with pushing this skin lightening agenda across Africa. Appalling.— William Adoasi (@WilliamAdoasi) October 18, 2017 First it was Dove that had to apologize for a racially insensitive ad; now Nivea is in a lot of [...]

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Kelly Ripa Gets Real About The Procedure That Keeps Her Looking Gorgeous

Have you ever looked at a celebrity's picture and wondered how they manage to look so beautiful? Well, with Kelly Ripa, you don’t have to!You Might Also Like: Anna Faris Reveals All The Plastic Surgery She's Had in Her New Book This week, Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, shared an Instagram post of her on a pumpkin [...]

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How 15 Women Are Proving You Should Never Trust a Doctor’s Word on This One Thing

Omaha, NE physician Dr. Gerard J. Stanley Junior’s credentials seem up to par when reading his biography on the website of his practice,  SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery—he was even recently dubbed one of the “best cosmetic surgeons” in his city by Omaha Magazine, following his recognition as Readers’ Choice Best Cosmetic Surgeon—but the stories [...]

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Therapist Reveals the Physical Toll of Working As a Hairstylist

Massage therapist Hitesh Patel of Leicester, England, shared a series of photographs on Facebook to show the occupational hazards that hairstylists face from working on their feet all day. The photos show several hairstylists during physical therapy treatments that are necessary to help heal the damage to their bodies caused by the physical demands [...]

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5 Things a Celebrity Aesthetician Wants You to Know About Facial Oils

From hydration help to soothing benefits, facial oils are a powerful tool when it comes to beautifying your complexion. “They are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal—plus, oils deliver a dose of antioxidants, relief from irritation, moisture with omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, a balanced skin pH, and they an uptick in cellular growth and elasticity,” [...]

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Tyra Banks Stuns In These No-Makeup Selfies

Sometimes it seems like supermodels are a different breed of humans with their flawless ensembles and luxurious trips. However, Tyra Banks is bringing us back down to earth and proving they’re not much different from us. While on vacation in Cape Cod this week, the model shared some seriously fun and cozy pictures. Much [...]

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Dr. Pimple Popper Extracting Milia Is the Video We Didn't Realize We Needed to See

The delicate eye area is prone to quite a few unsightly cosmetic issues, with dark circles and puffiness being a few of the more common problems surrounding the eye. However, there’s another concern out there that can make your eye area look less than ideal: Milia. Yes, those tiny, flesh-colored bumps are rather common [...]

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Two Friends with Totally Different Bikini Bodies Land Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Gig

A post shared by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (@si_swimsuit) on Oct 18, 2017 at 6:50am PDT If you’ve never heard of the two best friends who became Insta-famous over their side-by-side bikini pics, that’s OK, they’ve only gone viral in the last year. Their claim to body positivity fame comes from a series of photos [...]

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Retinol Peels Are the Super Potent Anti-Aging Treatment That's Trending Now

Treating your skin to a professional-strength peel can be like hitting the reset button on your complexion. You shed all the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of your skin over time and make it look dull, and start fresh with new, younger-looking skin underneath. Most peels you're familiar with use [...]

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Frank Body Just Launched 2 New Tinted Balms That Give You Perfectly Natural-but-Better Lips

For all you Frank Body babes who can't get enough of the brand's natural, coffee-infused skin care, this one's for you. The hipper little sisters to Frank Body's beloved original lip balm, these two new tinted versions give you even more ways to get that effortless beauty look.Both new balms, which launch today, are [...]

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Hale Tolleth, MD, past president of The PSF, passes at age 87

Hale Tolleth, MD, taught his renowned sculpture course to plastic surgeons for more than 40 years and also dedicated his time serving people in need through plastic surgery mission trips to Africa, Colombia, Honduras, The Philippines and Solomon Islands, among other nations.

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Finally Found: The Dupe for the #1 Selling Cream at Sephora is at Target

If you’ve sampled or purchased Tatcha’s Water Cream ($68)—which you probably have, considering it’s sold out at Sephora multiple times since its introduction earlier this year—you know that it’s a full-on experience for your skin; one so unique it’s seemingly impossible to replicate. So when I came across Make P:rem’s Micro Tension Cream ($30) [...]

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Study Reveals 1 in 10 Breast Surgery Patients Loses a Nipple When Treated in Foreign Countries

We continue to hear about the rise of "cosmetic tourism" and the risks involved—women have even died from plastic surgery complications performed by unqualified "doctors" overseas. One stat we hadn't heard, until now, comes from plastic surgeon and professor Dr. Ash Mosahebi of London, and says more than one in 10 breast patients end [...]

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This Is J.Lo’s 3-Minute Trick for Getting Full, Lengthy Lashes

Flawless face beat by @scottbarnes68 glam by @miskellyjohnson @enamelle @daniellepriano #aftershowselfie #Tidal A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on Oct 18, 2017 at 12:44am PDT Jennifer Lopez—aka the queen of glam—might have some of the longest lashes we’ve ever seen flutter through Hollywood. So, how does she get those lashes so lush? Well, [...]

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The Easiest Ways to Treat 5 Common Skin Problems

Maintaining pristine skin is no easy feat—especially after months in the sun. While all those days spent outside this summer may have left your skin glowing, they’ve also left you with a peppering of hyperpigmentation, hard-to-treat body acne and plenty of other beauty problems. So, in an effort to discover the easiest ways to beat [...]

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Does Your Breast Cancer Risk Go Up If You Dye Your Hair?

According to the Susan G. Komen organization, in 2017, it's estimated that there will be 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 40,610 deaths from breast cancer among women in the U.S. These shocking and sad statistics make it even more critical for women to be properly educated on which lifestyle factors and [...]

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These Pumpkin Pie Protein Bars Taste Like Dessert With Just 1 Gram of Sugar

Indulging in pumpkin pie this time of year used to be synonymous with a cheat day or letting your diet slide for a minute, but a new (and limited-edition) launch from ONE Bar ($2.50) is making it possible to treat yourself to the seasonal can’t-skip dessert with zero guilt (and just one gram of [...]

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An Often-Overlooked Facial Rejuvenation Procedure Bought This Woman 10–15 YearsAn Often-Overlooked Facial Rejuvenation Procedure Made This Woman Look 10–15 Years Younger

It took Nikki Waters most of 2016 to find the right surgeon for what she was looking for. “I wanted a facelift and some lipo,” she said, “and it took about a year for me to interview various doctors, learn the different procedures and get comfortable with everything.”After four consultations, Waters decided on San [...]

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This $20 'Moisture Mousse' Is the Only Product You Need to Wake Up With Plump Skin

I know I’m not the only one waiting for the day when falling asleep is finally the answer to every problem. While it won’t crack life’s toughest questions, getting a solid night of sleep can fix your pesky skin issues and deliver your best complexion yet if Soap & Glory’s Speed Plump Super Hydrating Overnight Miracle Moisture [...]

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This Hair Loss System Boasts a 100-Percent Success Rate

Hereditary hair loss is a touchy subject for many people and the cause of much embarrassment and suffering. Many men and women—two thirds of American men over the age of 35, and 40 percent of American women over the age of 40—experience this type of hair loss, prompting a surge in companies investing in research [...]

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Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Offers Free Surgery for Shooting Victims

In the wake of the horrible Las Vegas shootings last week, one plastic surgeon is doing good to help the victims who survived by offering free plastic surgery. You May Also Like: How 3 Plastic Surgeons Recommend Fading Your Scars Las Vegas plastic surgeon Goesel Anson, MD, has multiple shooting victims, including 19-year-old Alexandra [...]

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