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These Women Are Making Disney Princesses More Inclusive

As much as everyone loves Disney princesses, there’s no denying they represent seriously unrealistic body standards. Although they’ve become more ethnically inclusive, princesses remain incredibly thin and blemish-free. Now, people are standing up to this unhealthy image.You Might Also Like: Tracy Anderson's Weight Loss Tips on Goop Face Criticism For Being "Extremely Damaging" Body [...]

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Why Kohl’s Going to be Your New Beauty Destination in 2018

You probably haven’t heard the name Bob Jezowski before, but if you’re a Kohl’s fan, he’s about to become your new best friend. Formerly in charge of the beauty department at Belk department stores, WWD reports that Jezowski helped launch big-name brands like Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics, M.A.C., Laura Geller and Winky Lux at [...]

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This News Changes the Future of How We'll Shop at Target

Target has made some big beauty news this year: From making a commitment to transparency by pulling certain chemicals from its products and making ingredient lists available to shoppers, to revamping the aisles of its beauty department to feel more like an Ulta of sorts, the company is making some really smart moves.And here's [...]

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People Are Already Calling Adele's New Cut and Color a Major Winter Trend

Adele is well-known for keeping her personal life private, so it's rare to catch her out and about in between performances. As much as we respect that, we have to admit, we were excited to catch a rare glimpse of this beautiful singer last week with a new look! You Might Also Like: Nicole Kidman is [...]

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How to Buy Brands Like Oribe, Colbert MD and Kevyn Aucoin for 50 Percent Off

In the midst of crazy holiday shopping for everyone around you, we come bearing good news: You’re about to start treating yourself with some crazy-good deals (on items you actually want) soon enough. Starting December 25, the latest and greatest prestige beauty products from beauty retailer Space NK—think Oribe, Kevyn Aucoin, James Read, Omorovicza [...]

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Woman Says Cryotherapy Treatment Gave Her Frostbite and Permanent Scars

A 50-year-old woman in Armonk, NY, says she was severely burned and left with permanent scars after a cryotherapy treatment gone wrong. Cherie Glassman says she was asked to try cryotherapy treatment at her Equinox gym in June, but instead of providing her with the promised muscle recovery and pain relief, she says she [...]

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These Silicone Makeup Brushes Make Your Silicone Sponge Seem So Last Year

A post shared by Only Makeup (@anacristgilbert) on Sep 13, 2017 at 8:52am PDT While the good makeup-loving people of the internet debate over the much-hyped release of Kylie Jenner’s $360 Silver Series makeup brush kit, we found a much more affordable solution that makes last year’s silicone makeup sponges seem outdated. These new [...]

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The Very Big Role Permanent Makeup Plays Post-Cancer and Chemotherapy

Between microblading mania and faking the look of fuller lips, permanent makeup is having a very big moment. Sure, it looks good and makes life easier, but the trending tattoo treatment also has a very important role when it comes to women’s needs after different types of cancer and chemotherapy. Rose Marie Beauchemin, founder of Beau [...]

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Every Step You Need to Know About for a Flawless DIY Manicure

We love walking out of the salon with freshly manicured nails that are swathed in color and so shiny that they’re almost blinding. But, there are those days when sitting through a nail appointment—no matter how desperately you may need one—just isn’t going to happen, and you resort to doing your nails yourself. For [...]

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This Cult-Favorite Naturals Brand Just Made a Big Announcement

Another exciting industry acquisition was announced today: Unilever—parent company to household names like Dove, Simple and Vaseline—is acquiring Schmidt’s Naturals, a personal care company founded in 2010 and best known for its cult-favorite natural deodorant. “Today is a momentous day in the history of Schmidt's Naturals," said brand cofounder Jaime Schmidt in a press release. [...]

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This Personal Care Product Will Continue Trending Big in 2018

One of the biggest questions I got from friends and family this year was "Do natural deodorants actually work?" And then the quick follow-up question: "Which brands are the best?" Pre-2017, I had tried—at max—three different ones, so I wasn't fully equipped to answer their inquiries. However, this year seems to be THE year of [...]

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This Super Popular Instagram Model Credits This App for Helping Her Lose 20 Pounds in No Time

Model Abigail Ratchford—she does a ton of work on social media, and has been featured on various men’s sites, including Maxim and Sports Illustrated—is used to being asked how she went from zero Instagram followers to a whooping 8.2 million in only two years. She also fields a ton of asks for skin care [...]

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20 Gorgeous New Ways to Wear Bobby Pins This Holiday Season

A post shared by Kitsch (@mykitsch) on Jul 27, 2017 at 8:38pm PDT Bobby pins—always practical, rarely cute. Although, while there’s plenty of adorable bows, clips and headbands on the market, the simple bobby pin will always come in first as our most commonly used hair accessory. Luckily, those tiny pins don’t have to [...]

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I Tried a Celebrity Go-to Diet and It Killed My Cravings for Junk Food in Just 3 Days

What do a juice cleanse, a master cleanse and a strict, no-carb diet all have in common? They’re miserable. Too little calories with no nutritional balance is every foodie’s nightmare, which is why I’ve never even considered giving these extreme diets a try. Instead, I generally stick to the “eat anything you want and [...]

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2 Things Kate Winslet Never Eats or Drinks to Keep Her Skin Looking Youthful

It seems like every celebrity has their own little unique trick to keep their skin looking healthy. Beyond the creams and skin care treatments, many make dietary changes to promote better skin health. Natalie Portman credits her vegan diet for clearing up her acne breakouts, Alicia Keys went dairy-free for better skin and Kate [...]

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You Can Now Use Bitcoin to Buy Bath Bombs

Confession: We’re not 100-percent sure how Bitcoin actually works, but with all the buzz surrounding it and the recent crazy-surge in its value, we had to start digging to see where you can—most importantly—actually spend this digital currency. Turns out one popular beauty brand is already ahead of the game. As of July, Lush [...]

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Glitter Brows Are Here to End 2017 With a Bang

There's no debating 2017 was the year of glitter and big brows. And, just when you thought the trends might be fizzling, an over-the-top merging of the two is making waves on social media.Enter glitter brows—a totally unpractical, yet mesmerizing, way to do your makeup. Judging by the volume of posts tagged #glitterbrows on [...]

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Nicole Kidman Is Unrecognizable in Her New Brunette Shaggy Mullet Haircut

It’s incredibly rare to see Nicole Kidman in anything but her bleached blond, mid-length hair, but thanks to a recent role in the upcoming film, Destroyer, we’re seeing a whole new look on the star. As reported by Just Jared, Kidman, who’s filming in Los Angeles right now, was spotted wearing a shaggy brown [...]

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8 Dermatologists Reveal What Made The Biggest Difference In Their Skin After 40

They consider these their holy grail products and procedures.

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This Woman Completely Cleared Up Her Blackheads Using Only 2 Products

Known to crop up on the chin and nose, unsightly blackheads, which look like small dark spots, are almost impossible to remove. While it’s always best to have any type of blemish—be it a blackhead, whitehead, pimple or something else—professionally extracted, one woman’s Reddit post is going viral with her DIY technique. And if [...]

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Woman Wrongfully Denied Plastic Surgery Because of Her HIV Positive Status

A Georgia woman who filed a complaint against a plastic surgery clinic with the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney's Office for denying her request for a plastic surgery procedure after she disclosed her HIV positive status has reached an agreement with the clinic. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the [...]

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