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The Healthy Habit Tennis Star Madison Keys Does 2X a Day

Anyone with their eye on the tennis world knows that 23-year-old Madison Keys is the athlete to watch. At such a young age, Keys has already made her debut in the top 10 world rankings and will be playing in tournaments all over the world—the U.S. open included. With such an impressive past and [...]

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This Super Affordable Makeup Brand Sells a Primer Every 6 Seconds

Finding the right primer is like finding the right pair of jeans: Tons of trial-and-error is involved, but when you find the right one, everything changes and you’re set for life. Another common thread between the two? We’re conditioned to think that the pricier options will work better, but sometimes it’s the affordable ones [...]

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Real Beauty Advice: My Husband Hates My Botox

Welcome to Real Beauty Advice, where we're tackling the tough questions you can't find answers to on YouTube. We’re not talking about smoky eye techniques or the latest product launch; we’re talking aging fears, judgmental peers, plastic surgery stigmas and more. In this series, we ask experts to weigh in on hard-to-navigate situations that [...]

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New Study Says This Daily Diet Habit Aids in Weight Loss

Fasting can be daunting—after all, if you look up a few synonyms for the word, you’ll find “refrain from eating” and “starve oneself” listed beneath it. However, a different type of fasting—known as time-restricted eating—has just come to light as an effective tool for weight loss and it's the first fasting option that appears [...]

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The Vitamin C Serum That Completely Transforms Skin

Among beauty experts, vitamin C has long been a staple in our morning and evening routines. Vitamin C has a number of beauty benefits—it fights against free radicals caused by environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure, stimulates collagen and brightens skin (perhaps what it’s best known for). One of the most powerful anti-aging [...]

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The Beauty Treatments Women Get In Secret

If you’ve ever picked up a women’s magazine, you’re likely quite familiar with the term ‘beauty secret.’ Kim Kardashian says hers is proper hydration. A good spray tan is Mandy Moore’s. And surprise, surprise, if a celeb gets paid to be the face of a skincare brand, you can bet that the “secret” to [...]

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How does gynecomastia affect boys and men at different ages?

Gynecomastia is a condition in which excess glandular breast tissue leads to an enlargement of the male breasts. The causes of the condition and recommended treatment options may differ depending on the patient's age.

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4 Editors Share Their Real Shelfie Of Skin Care Must-Haves

Until the age of Instagram, it was borderline impossible to get a peek inside the medicine cabinets and makeup organizers of celebrities, public figures, or beauty experts, which meant their clearly-working skin care routines were kept a mystery for years. But now, famous actors, influencers and doctors alike routinely post “shelfies” of their favorite beauty products, [...]

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Jada Pinkett Smith Beats Blackheads With This $4 Drugstore Product

Jada Pinkett Smith tends to be rather honest with her fans when it comes to beauty, case in point: her recent candidness regarding hair loss. Knowing this, we’ve kept an eye out for any other beauty admissions the 46-year-old might reveal, and unsurprisingly, she delivered.While on her Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk, [...]

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A Celebrity Nutritionist Says This Food Is Her Go-to For a Flat Stomach

Contrary to popular belief, the road to a healthy body doesn’t begin and end with a rigorous workout routine. Instead, nutritionists agree that it takes exercise coupled with a wholesome, balanced diet to keep your body operating at its peak performance levels. And if weight loss is your goal, we’ve already heard of a [...]

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Comparing upper facelift, mid facelift and lower facelift

There are countless different types of facelifts, but the three of the most important terms for patients to understand are upper facelift, mid facelift and lower facelift.

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This New Foundation Feels Like Silk on My Skin

Let’s Just Get to the Point: Lawless Woke Up Like This Flawless Finish Foundation ($46) is a non-comedogenic, completely clean formula that feels weightless on the skin while also blurring imperfections entirely. You May Also Like: 7 Natural Products That Deliver Visible Results If You Want to Know More:Finding the perfect foundation to meet all your [...]

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L’Oréal Just Lost This Major U.K. Lawsuit

Bleached hair repair system, Olaplex, just won a major court battle against beauty retail giant, L’Oréal, in the U.K. this week.Although there are tons of bonding treatments on the market, L’Oréal’s and Olaplex are arguably the most popular. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Drew Barrymore swear by the three-part Olaplex system to protect [...]

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How Chanel’s Latest Mascara is Making History

Chanel just launched the future of mascara. Dreamt up 11 years ago, the iconic label is finally introducing their 3D-printed wand and is the first to do so. Enter: Le Volume Revolution. You May Also Like: 14 Million Women Swear By This Mascara, So the Brand Made it Even Better And a revolution it is. Aside [...]

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Men Turn to Plastic Surgeons for a Better Body Image and More Confidence at Every Age

Body image is an issue most commonly discussed among women, but new statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that it's a conversation that is emerging among men. More men are seeking help from plastic surgeons to enhance their looks and build confidence. In fact, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures [...]

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You Can Now Get Free Samples at CVS

Sephora and Ulta have built strong consumer relationships, in part, thanks to their loyalty programs. Now CVS is reintroducing this idea to the drugstore space with their completely revamped Beauty Club. Members of this free program will receive all kinds of perks, including free samples and fun little birthday gifts like nail polish, lipstick [...]

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How I FINALLY Got the Smile of My Dreams

Not-so-perfect teeth run in my family. I inherited a weird family defect of sorts, in which a couple of my baby molars never formed permanent teeth behind them—my cousin has the same thing. My father always had a very crowded mouth, and until his 50s when he sprung for Invisalign, had bottom teeth that [...]

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Margot Robbie’s Nutritionist Reveals Her Trick for Reducing Belly Fat

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss isn’t achieved by solely revving up your workout routine and cleaning up your diet. In fact, according to celebrity nutritionist, Dana James, there’s quite a few other factors that can seriously affect weight-loss efforts, with one major influence—hormones—being frequently overlooked.“When your weight increases unexpectedly, many of you jump [...]

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What is capsular contracture and how can it be treated?

In some breast augmentation patients, a capsule of scar tissue can become unusually hard and contract around the implant. This can lead to both aesthetic problems and, in extreme cases, pain in the breasts.

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The 7 Best-Selling SPF Foundations at CVS Pharmacy

Even though foundation can seem like one of the most basic beauty products, it's often a vital part of a makeup routine. Foundation can work wonders for your complexion and provide the perfect canvas to play with other skin-enhancing products like blush, highlighter or bronzer. Not to mention, when foundation's good, it's really good. There's nothing better [...]

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Data Shows This $12 Product Is the Top-Selling Drugstore Foundation of 2018 So Far

Makeup artists always keep a full-coverage foundation in their kits to cover everything from acne to discoloration. And when a new one launches, and it's really good, makeup artists and beauty gurus alike go gaga. That's the case with Maybelline New York's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation, which launched late last year and has become a [...]

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Kelly Clarkson Credits This For Her Major Weight Loss

Kelly Clarkson is no stranger to criticism surrounding her weight. Now, she’s addressing her most recent weight loss, crediting her fluctuating size to a thyroid disease. You Might Also Like: Super Model Martha Hunt Says This Wellness Practice Makes Her a 'Much Happier Person'  "I'm not working out!" she told Extra TV last week. [...]

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