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A Hydrating Mask That Soaks Into Skin

Let’s Just Get to the Point:It’s super luxe, has a ton of botanical ingredients and makes your skin incredibly soft and glowy almost instantly.If You Want to Know More:Chase Polan, founder of holistic skin care line KYPRIS, doesn’t like facial oils that look like facial oils. A rather bold statement from a woman who [...]

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The FDA Now Recommends This Once-Illegal Product

Great news for those interested in the medicinal marijuana industry: Experts summoned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have just unanimously voted that the agency should approve the first cannabidiol (CBD) medicine to treat a rare form of epilepsy, NBC News reports.The drug, known as Epidiolex, was developed by a British company named [...]

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This Popular Antibiotic Turned the Whites of a Man’s Eyes Blue

Slight eye color changes rarely signal health issues—after all, eye color can shift with age. However, if the whites of your eyes become, for example, a bright shade of blue, that's certainly a cause for concern. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to one man who was forced to see a doctor after his eyes shifted [...]

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Vanessa Williams On the Procedures She Swears By, and the One She'll Never Do Again

She may be genetically blessed with good looks and perfect hair, but just like the rest of us, Vanessa Williams follows a strict beauty regimen to ward off wrinkles, lines, sagging skin and everything that’s considered a “beauty problem.” Fascinated by all that science has to offer in the world of beauty, the 55-year-old [...]

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NYC's Hottest Club Is Selling 'Designer Brains'

Imagine the best moments of your life. Maybe it was the adrenaline after a big presentation, the relaxation of a beach vacation or the joy of your wedding day. Then imagine you could wake up and feel that way every morning. According to the founders of Field, a center devoted to “brain optimization” that [...]

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Lush Body Lotion's Unexpected Side Effect: Completely Clearing Up a Terrible Case of Baby Eczema

You know how some body lotions sit on the top layer of your skin and don't actually quench dry, rough areas, but rather leave you with a greasy residue? Well, not Dream Cream. One of Lush's top-selling body lotions, this cocoa butter–based formula has quietly been working wonders for years, but now it's in [...]

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Sephora Is Having a Spring Bonus Discount and Everything Is Included

As much as there is to love about the rare beauty sale, few things are more annoying than adding a product you’ve been dying to get into the shopping cart, and seeing that it’s on the brand exclusion list. That’s why Sephora’s Spring Bonus sale this year really is a bonus—you save 10 to 15 [...]

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Ashley Graham Responds to Fat-Shaming Troll About What Makes a 'Real' Model

As celebrities will often point out, most of them have internet trolls who spend an insane amount of time writing scathing, sometimes irrational comments or creating internet memes with hateful, hurtful messages. Ashley Graham is no stranger to the trolls commenting about her body, whether plus size models promote an unhealthy lifestyle and now [...]

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5 Things To Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Opting to go bigger? Congrats! But before you step foot into the operating room there are a few pearls of wisdom to be aware of that will make the entire process a success. Immediately following surgery, results may not appear exactly as you had pictured, but you need time to heal. In a few [...]

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Molly Sims Reveals the Treatments That Make Her Immune to Aging

Juggling motherhood, work and marriage is enough to make even the most beauty-centric women fall behind on taking care of herself. And Molly Sims is no different. Like most women who are trying to look their best and will stop at nothing to get there, Molly, too, has been bitten by the beauty bug. [...]

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Why the ‘Ribbon Zone’ Is the Best Facial Area to Focus Anti-Aging Efforts On

Ask any beauty expert out there and they’ll tell you nobody—and we mean nobody—is as skin care savvy as those in the K-beauty industry. Knowing this, we tend to perk up anytime we hear of new innovations coming from Korea. The latest to catch our eye? IOPE, a K-beauty brand that’s based on advanced [...]

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Dozens of Plastic Surgery Apps Are Marketed to Children on Amazon and Google

Plastic stethoscopes and doctor kits may have long been accepted as harmless toys, but these days, kids are being targeted with a very different—and much more controversial—type of “medical” play. Suites of plastic surgery smartphone app aimed at children as young as eight years old are rampant on sites like Amazon and Google, Verge reports. These apps, [...]

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Kim Kardashian West's Concealer Hack Can Make Your Lashes Look Longer

It's the one product you reach for to cover a pesky pimple or dark under-eye circles, but we bet you've never used concealer like Kim Kardashian West does. In a recent post on her app, the beauty maven revealed "seven genius ways to use concealer," and one of them was definitely eye-catching. You May Also [...]

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This Instagrammable Nail Polish Will Transport You Straight into Summer Vibes

Lets’ Just Get to the Point:From muted metallics to bright pops of color reminiscent of the Museum of Ice Cream’s vibrant camera-ready palette, Deco Miami’s stylish, collectible bottles and fresh spring-summer shades will transport you to a luxurious Ocean drive meets Wynwood getaway. You May Also Like: Nail Extensions Are the Mind-Blowingly Easy Way [...]

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Is plastic surgery right for you?

Men and women of all ages choose to have plastic surgery for several reasons. Whatever the reason, plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience that can improve patients' lives.

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Watch this YouTuber Melt Every Lipstick Available at Sephora in the Name of Science

Makeup destruction videos are nothing new and for me (and countless others) they’re super fascinating to watch, providing a sometimes soothing and satisfactory experience despite the cringeworthiness of seeing brand-brand new products lose their pristine and perfect form. Armed with the knowledge that makeup destruction videos serve a greater purpose than just smashing pretty [...]

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A Top-Selling Rodan + Fields Product Is Facing a Serious Lawsuit

A post shared by Rodan + Fields (Official) (@rodanfields) on Sep 6, 2017 at 6:02pm PDTJust a few days ago, Rodan + Fields, the supercharged social media–fueled skin care empire founded by dermatologists Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, was awarded the title of the number-one beauty brand in both the United States and [...]

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6 Aestheticians on What Happens When We Don't Wash Our Faces at Night

When I asked six aestheticians for their non-negotiable skin care rules for nighttime, all of them came back with the same answer: “Cleanse your skin EVERY night!” It’s a rule our mothers have told us for decades—and one we’ve scoffed at for just as long—but does it actually carry any weight? Turns out it [...]

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This Moisturizer Is a Must-Have for Irritated Skin

Let’s Just Get to the Point: With a blend of both hydrating and exfoliating ingredients, Pharmaskincare Multi-Gly Skin Relief Cream ($60) does the job of a standard moisturizer, but also takes it one step further, adding hydrocortisone to help soothe irritated and itchy skin. Key Ingredients: Glycolic acid, vitamins, coQ10 and hydrocortisone If You Want [...]

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Are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells the Secret to Perfect Skin?

Stem cells have been integrated into beauty for the last few years. There are apple stem cells, rose stem cells and even plant stem cells. When it comes to reaping the benefit of these specialized extracts, the world of plastic surgery has gained ahold of them, too. First, it was all about the skin-rejuvenating benefit [...]

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Fade New—and Old—Scars With This Treatment

Let’s Just Get to the Point:Whether you want to prevent a new scar from forming or help minimize the look of an old, existing scar, this gel does the trick, with a cosmetically elegant formula that’s easy to apply and use. If You Want to Know More:Let’s face it: Scars are a fact of [...]

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NewBeauty Award Winners: The Best Youth-Boosting Products

Turning back the clock to reveal firmer, plumper, brighter skin doesn't always come easy, but these powerhouse anti-aging products can help set you on the right path. You May Also Like: 13 Anti-Aging Launches Worth Knowing About This Month

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NewBeauty Award Winners: Top Trends of the Year We Can't Get Enough of

Every savvy, beauty-minded woman always wants to know about the latest and greatest products she should try. These categories represent the biggest beauty trends of the year and the corresponding products that deserve a coveted spot on your vanity. You May Also Like: The Global Trend That’s Replacing the K-Beauty Buzz

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