Cosmetic Surgery France Prices and Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery France Prices and Procedures
Cosmetic Surgery in France or Plastic Surgery in France
Do you need a Cosmetic Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon?
Cosmetic surgery is basically split in two specific fields of expertise: cosmetic surgery or reconstructive plastic surgery.
The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the physical appearance of a person whilst reconstructive plastic surgery is done to improve or repair problems by surgical intervention, but whilst reconstructive plastic surgery may also entail an element of enhancing appearance, it is not its intended as the primary purpose. There are many things which can happen in a patient’s life which potentially may influence their decision to elect for cosmetic surgery. In general surgeons from the Western World will not carry out cosmetic surgery until the patient has undergone some counseling, and has been given time or a cooling off period to consider the consequences of the surgery very carefully before being accepted. The Five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures which are performed are:
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
This procedure is usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon and its primary function is to reshape and firm up the abdomen. The aim of a tummy tuck is to remove excess fat and sagging skin from the middle and lower abdomen areas and to tighten the outer layers of skin and muscle of the abdominal wall to remove the sagging skin.
In this procedure is usually performed by a Plastic Surgeon, the aim of the surgery is to reshapes the nose of the patient. This is performed by an otolaryngologist plastic surgeon (surgeon for the head, neck the ear/nose) or a maxillofacial surgeon. This procedure aims to improve nose appearance and also its function. The patient may have problems with breathing, had an accident in the past which needs repairing, such as a rugby player or boxer may have sustained some nose injury, or simply to remove or reduce a bump on the bridge of the nose. Most Plastic surgeons would recommend that patients should at least be 15 years old (boys should be older) before undertaking this type of plastic surgery. There are also instances when rhinoplasty may be performed in conjunction with a facelift.Facelift or rhytidectomy
These is a procedures which is performed generally by a Cosmetic Surgeon and is meant for the removal of wrinkles by means of surgery. The aims is to improve a patient’s facial appearance by making him/her look younger. The cosmetic surgeon will remove any excess facial skin and generally will not need to remove or tighten any underlying tissues as this is normally still intact and tight. In the case of chin lifts the cosmetic surgeon re-drapes the skin on the face and/or neck of the patient by removing access skin and layers of fat which may have accumulated under the chin. There are several methods of performing face lifts, but the most common one is to make a series of incisions around the front part of the ear that extends to the hairline and goes around the base of the ear and behind it. Then he would use a scalpel or surgical scissors to separate the outer layer of skin from the deeper tissue that goes over the neck and cheeks and forehead. The surgeon will then remove any access deeper tissues and tightened that in place with sutures or stitches. Then the outer layer of skin is re-draped and any surplus skin is removed. Finally, the surgeon sutures or staples everything in to place.Breast Augmentations
This is generally a Cosmetic Surgery procedure and in most cases is an elective procedure where people have for one reason or a
Breast re-sculpturing in conjunction with Liposuction
Many women choose to have their breasts enlarged or reshaped in order to satisfy the desire for a more desirable bust line. Their breasts may not have developed to a size that meets their expectations, or one breast may be significantly smaller than the other. .Liposuction
Most people considering to have liposuction have more than likely failed to lose unwanted and fat even after following the strictest diet and exercise regime but just can’t shift stubborn fat or tackle an uneven body shape. Depending on the area and amount of body fat to be removed
Our Registered Clinics or Hospitals in France provide the highest standards of surgery and care. Our philosophy is to offer good outcomes for cosmetic surgery at a reasonable cost without any compromise in quality of service

*Results Vary depending on the person

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