Did Victoria's Secret Just Knock Off Pat McGrath in a Big Way? You Be the Judge

Did Victoria's Secret Just Knock Off Pat McGrath in a Big Way? You Be the Judge

Whether you realize
it or not, product packaging plays a huge role in brand recognition and how quickly
products fly off shelves, and the iconic, sequin-filled bag Pat McGrath Labs has
come to be known for is no different. (Even if you were unsure of the brand behind them,
the sparkly products have crossed your social media feeds at least once in the
last year.) But this time, the glistening bags aren’t back on your screen
because of a product launch—it’s because Victoria’s Secret’s new fragrance packaging looks way too familiar to McGrath’s.

As Nylon reports, Instagram account
@diet_prada was the first to note how similar the two are—the only difference
being the added ribbon attached to the top of Victoria’s Secret’s version. 

“In 2017,
women are not shopping @victoriassecret the way they used to,” the caption
reads, adding that the way to win women back is “DEFINITELY not by copying

Neither the
lingerie retailer or Mcgrath have officially commented on the matter—Mcgrath
did comment “I LOVE UOOOO.” on the Instagram photo, though—the side-by-side
photos make it hard to keep quiet. Stay tuned to NewBeauty for any updates.

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