Dr. Steven Varkony- Introduction- (310) 271-7110- The Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Steven Varkony- Introduction- (310) 271-7110- The Plastic Surgery Center

Plastic surgery with minimal scars! Beautiful and natural results in less time! Our incredible “30 minute breast enlargement!,” revolutionary “hidden scar” arm lift!, new facial “thread lifts”, lasers, and innovative liposculpting, all aim to give you a younger, fresher, more natural look and a great body with less recovery time, less swelling, minimal bruising and time off work. Yes, we can tighten flabby arms in about an hour without visible scars!
Today millions of people around the world are having plastic surgery. For about the cost of a vacation you can look younger and fresher, have a beautifully sculpted body, flat abdomen and gorgeous breasts. After all, would you rather look great or have a great set of photos?
You will be amazed at what a difference plastic surgery can make in your everyday social and professional life. You have already spent a lot of money on clothes. Start concentrating on yourself! In most cases, suffering through endless diets and countless hours in the gym can’t come close to giving you the look you want- plastic surgery can!
Thousands of patients can attest to the beautiful results they have obtained through Dr. Varkony’s surgery. Located in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks, Dr. Steven Varkony’s Plastic Surgery Center and his warm, friendly and accommodating staff aim to provide you with a safe, comfortable, convenient and very confidential plastic surgery experience. Plastic surgery without visible scars, along with beautiful, natural results are goals we strive for in every surgery we perform. From initial consultation through the post-operative period, we want you to say, “Had I known it would be this easy I would have had this done years ago!” In fact, this is how most of our patients feel after having their surgery here with us.

Using the latest techniques in plastic surgery and board-certified anesthesiologists, in our fully certified out-patient surgical center, we see to it that our patients have a truly pleasant experience. In most cases you can have your surgery in the morning and be home by the afternoon. If there is anything you need, from overnight stays to transportation, let our staff know and we’ll be glad to help. Our many European, Latin American and Asian patients already know how helpful we can be to patients visiting us from out of town! If you are coming from outside the country or from another city here in the United States, we are happy to arrange consultations and surgery that will fit in nicely with your travel plans.
Considered by many to be an artist with a scalpel, Dr. Varkony has numerous surgical innovations to his credit, including the “30 minute breast enlargement,” and “the hidden scar arm lift. He appears regularly in numerous mainstream media magazines and newspapers and is also frequently on television. Dr. Varkony has been quoted and written about in The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, Life and Style, Oxygen Magazine, In Touch, First For Women, Star Magazine, among others.
Dr. Varkony has been on Primetime With Diane Sawyer regarding Botox™ treatments and has appeared several times on Discovery Health Channel’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After with stories showing his surgical techniques in liposculpting, facelifts, necklifts, eyelid rejuvenation, as well as breast reduction. Dr. Varkony has also appeared on MTV’s “I Want a Famous Face” where he demonstrated his innovative techniques in breast implant surgery. Univision’s “Primer Impacto” showed him doing a “30 minute breast enlargement” and filmed the patient going back to work 3 days later!, as is usually the case with Dr. Varkony’s latest breast surgery innovation. Dr. Varkony has also appeared on British television doing both breast enlargements and breast reductions and has been filmed locally by NBC4 news for his truly amazing “hidden scar” arm lifts.
We have a large celebrity practice and have operated on many of Hollywood’s famous.
Go to our website, drvarkony.com. There you will find a wealth of information pertaining to Dr. Steven J. Varkony and his practice located in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks, California. You will become acquainted with the various procedures we offer, see before and after photos, get directions and a map to our office, learn about various available financing options and have an opportunity to contact us with a question or to set up an appointment via telephone or e-mail.
Feel comfortable, be curious and don’t be afraid to call and talk to us!

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