Emily Ratajkowski Said Some Insensitive Things About Hair Loss and the Internet Is NOT Having It

Emily Ratajkowski Said Some Insensitive Things About Hair Loss and the Internet Is NOT Having It

Emily Ratajkowski is the new face of
Kérastase Paris, and while this should have been an exciting announcement for the
model to make, it quickly became the point of controversy. In the Instagram post
publicizing the exciting news, Ratajkowski wrote, “Hair is a
fundamental part of beauty, femininity and identity. So excited to announce
that I am the new face of @kerastase_official!” Harper’s Bazaar reports.

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Immediately after posting her announcement, fans accused the
actress-model hybrid of shaming women who experience hair loss. “To say hair is fundamental for
femininity is to perpetuate the struggles of women who’ve lost or cannot grow
their hair for various reasons and have had to redefine their identities
against a society that tells them that to be women, to be beautiful, they must
have hair,” one follower angrily wrote on the post. “Hair is
not fundamental to beauty, take his down…so shallow!” wrote another.

Thankfully, the brand immediately responded to
similar comments made on their own Instagram announcement by commenting on the
post with a sincere apology: “We are deeply sorry about that, we
didn’t want to cause any harm to anyone with the caption. Of course beauty is
not defined by your hair, beauty is something more spiritual, beauty is an
attitude coming from inside each of us. Our new muse, Emily, thinks her
hair is a way to express herself. As she said, ‘Everyone is uniquely beautiful
in their own way’; and we agree. We apologize for the misunderstanding of our
previous caption because it seems like we were making a one-way statement,
forgetting the rest of the multiple variations of beauty. We honestly tell you
we’re very sorry and thanks for your testimony because through it we are
learning everyday.”

After noticing the backlash, Ratajkowski also edited her caption to eliminate the use
of the word fundamental and instead wrote: “So excited to announce that I am the new face of @kerastase_official! Welcome good hair days!”

While this was clearly an insensitive move for the brand and Ratajkowski, they certainly responded to the outcry of
offense immediately and respectfully, and for that we certainly commend them. Hopefully, this won’t happen again in the future.


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