Get Best Cosmetic Surgery of Pectoral Implants for Men by Dr. Aamod Rao 9702503001

Get Best Cosmetic Surgery of Pectoral Implants for Men by Dr. Aamod Rao 9702503001

Best Cosmetic Surgery of Pectoral Implants for Men can be properly done at Mumbai, India by Dr. Aamod Rao, Redefine Cosmetic Surgery Studio.

Pectoral implants are chest implants made mainly for men. Pectoral implants are made of medical grade silicon, which is extremely durable and safe.

Pectoral implants help to mimic the appearance of a defined muscular shape.

Also, a man suffering from Poland’s Syndrome, can get his natural appearance of his chest restored by pectoral implants.

Males are three times more commonly affected than females and the right side is affected twice as often as the left.

Through this video presentation you will know the following:
1. How is pectoral implant surgery performed?
2. How long does pectoral implant surgery take?
3. What is the recovery time frame after pectoral implants?
4. Who is a good candidate for Pectoral implants?
Main Qualifications of Dr. Aamod Rao are as follows:
1. General Surgery at KIMS Hospital, Bangalore.
2. Plastic Surgery at Bombay Hospital.
3. Cosmetic Surgery at PUCRS University, Brazil.
Dr. Aamod Rao is a consultant AESTHETIC Surgeon at various hospitals in Mumbai and Bangalore, such as:
• Redefine Cosmetic Surgery Studio, Khar
• Nova Medical Centre Tardeo, Mumbai.
• Women’s Hospital Khar, 16th Road, Mumbai
• Beams Hospital Mumbai, Bangalore.
• Medihope Hospital Bangalore

To schedule appointments for Consultations and surgical procedures:
Please call +91- 9702503001
Email your queries to :
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Through the above mentioned youtube link, you can watch our video presentation relating to Best Cosmetic Surgery of Pectoral implants for men or chest implants for men, which is done by Dr. Aamod Rao

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