Glossier Just Got Into a Whole New Category

Glossier Just Got Into a Whole New Category

Our skin care and makeup routines have already been edited-down
and simplified thanks to Glossier’s current lineup, but the understated brand’s
latest launch is coming for our stash of body products next. Inspired by the
oil-based cleansers and luxurious creams we slather onto our faces day in and day out, the
Body Hero Duo ($35) is here to change the way we care for the other 90 percent
of our skin.

Unlike usual body washes that are largely made up of water
and soap and tend to strip our skin of the natural lipids and moisturizers that
keep it dewy, the Daily Oil Wash ($22) doesn’t contain a single drop of water.
Instead, it enlists an “oil-to-froth formula” built on a seven-oil blend (coconut,
meadowfoam, olive, soybean, sesame, grapeseed, sunflower seed and an orange
blossom neroli oil cocktail) designed to trap dirt, grime and sweat like a
magnet, cleanse it away, then treat it with the foam—much like a facial cleanser you probably
have sitting on your sink.

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Step two of the dynamic duo, the Daily Perfecting Cream ($27) is a hard-hitting moisturizer that delivers an instant uptick in the elasticity,
smoothness and radiance of our skin with help from a unique “desert plant blend”
(made up of cactus flower, prickly pear and yucca extracts), tamarind (brimming
with magnesium, potassium and exfoliating alphahydroxy acids) and
light-reflecting particles to blur any imperfections. Another plus, which
anyone who hates the feeling of lotion will appreciate, is that it absorbs on contact,
so you can officially say goodbye to endless rubbing.  

Both millennial-pink products leave behind a barely-there scent—a light
blend of orange blossom and neroli is at the heart of both formulas—that won’t
disrupt sensitive skin or noses (the brand describes it as “baby fresh” to give
you an idea). You can purchase each separately, or save $5 with the set—but do
it quickly, as both are sure to go quickly (why wouldn’t the internet flock to
products that promise “dewy” skin all over your body?). The Body Hero Duo is now available
for purchase on Glossier’s website.

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