Here’s How Those Quick-Fix Hair Fibers Really Work

Here’s How Those Quick-Fix Hair Fibers Really Work

There’s hope for those who suffer
from spare, patchy areas of hair on the scalp when surgery is not an option. Of-the-moment
go-to treatments, like PRP and PRF, are said to work wonders for those who suffer
from thinning hair and hair loss, but like most procedures, these are not
without their own set of disadvantages, namely high price tags, some
post-procedure swelling and discomfort, and the need for multiple treatments.
That’s where quick-fix hair fibers, like Toppik Hair Building Fibers ($25) and
HairMax Hair Fibers ($35), come in.

Consisting of naturally derived keratin
protein, when applied to the hair, hair fibers are almost a dead ringer for human hair. “They are becoming more popular because they are economical, easy to use,
go on dry, are odor-free, and provide natural-looking coverage,” says Francesca Dubsky,
director of marketing for HairMax. Available in a plethora of colors (shades
can be mixed and matched together to create the perfect color), the fibers
create an optical illusion on thinning areas and patches by instantly
disguising them. “Fibers are also a great complement to
invasive and noninvasive professional procedures and treatments, like PRP or
even ViviscalPRO supplements, which may take time to show desired results
because the fibers give an immediate effect of thicker hair,” says Emily Erwin,
brand manager of Thinning Hair Solutions for Church & Dwight, the company
that owns Toppik.

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Once sprinkled or sprayed onto the
hair, they shouldn’t shift, bleed or wear away. “Hair fibers have a strong
natural charge that creates a magnetic effect, binding them to your natural
hair to hide thinning areas and create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair,”
says Dubsky. “They work best for those with minimal-to-moderate hair loss,
where hair is thinning but still present on the head, because the fibers need
something to grab onto—think of the head like a tree with branches and the hair
fibers like leaves on the branches.”

There’s even special fiber
extending sprays that strengthen the bond between the fiber and hair, like
Toppik Fiberhold Spray ($10), for days when extra longevity is needed. Lasting
on the hair until the next shampoo, any regular shampoo gently lifts the fibers
up and out of the natural hair, leaving it clean and ready for another

But here’s what makes unisex hair
fibers the ultimate beauty hack: they can be used in a pinch—they literally
take seconds to apply—to fake a perfect ponytail, and can even be used to cover
up the telltale signs of extensions.

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