How Chanel’s Latest Mascara is Making History

How Chanel’s Latest Mascara is Making History

Chanel just launched the future of mascara. Dreamt up 11
years ago, the iconic label is finally introducing their 3D-printed wand and is
the first to do so. Enter: Le Volume Revolution

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And a revolution it is. Aside from being tech-savvy—French
3D printing company Erpro is behind
the design—the launch also makes our lives so much easier: According to the
brand, the wand features a honeycomb structure—British Vogue describes it as a “granular texture”—to release the mascara
from the wand and onto lashes gradually, instead of all at once. The result: zero
clumps, never-ending mascara-dipping or the mess that comes along with it.

As for the formula itself, a cocktail of waxes, polymers and
vitamins nourishes lashes while darkening, volumizing and thickening them. Is there
anything this futuristic formula can’t do? For now, we’ll have to wait until
September to find out. (The product is only available in the U.K. market for
now, with a pricetag of £28.)

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