How This Unique Body Classification Can Predict the Treatments That Will Work Best for You

How This Unique Body Classification Can Predict the Treatments That Will Work Best for You

Body types, somatotypes and transdermal nutrition are all
phrases you probably wouldn’t think of when considering which kind of treatment
you should indulge in at the spa. But not so says a new treatment approach that looks to somatotypes, a unique school of thought that combines biological
principles associated with your physical body with certain characteristics
of your personality, to decipher what you need for healing, wellness and
nutrition to be able to function at your best.

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Instead of thinking of your body as a traditional pear,
apple, hourglass or rectangular shape, the methodology behind somatotypes categorizes
the body using both your physical shape and dominant traits of your
personality. Knowing your somatotype can be a total game changer when it comes
to how you approach your diet, workouts and even your spa experience. At Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, Kristi Dickinson, director of spa and wellness, incorporates
somatotypes to address imbalances in wellness and vitality. First developed
by physiologist William Sheldon in the ’40s, somatotypes draw from both modern science and
ancient wisdom to sort people into three different types: ectomorph
(long limbs, low muscle mass, slim and restrained), endomorph (curvier, rounder,
shorter limbs and sociable), and mesomorph (lean, muscular, athletic build and assertive).

“Knowing someone’s somatotype helps us determine which
mineral blend we will use as well as which therapy and homecare we recommend,”
says Dickinson, who uses these classifications to not only recommend spa
treatments, but to also provide much-needed nutrition to
the body through the skin. “The intention of this theory in spa therapy
is to transdermally supply these elements to fortify each individual’s
inherent nature. The result is increased vitality and remineralization, so you
look, feel and function your best.”

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Somatotypes have a close connection with the Ayurvedic idea
of body types, another concept that relies on body, mind and spirit to promote
good health and longevity. “In Ayurveda, there are three major types or ‘doshas’—vata
(wind), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth),” says Ayurvedic expert Dr. Akil
Palanisamy. “There is a strong correlation between doshas and somatotypes. Specifically, the ectomorph is correlated with vata in terms of a lean and delicate body structure
and a sensitive, more quiet personality. Endomorphs correlate with kapha
both in physical structure and the qualities of being slower, peaceful and more tolerant. Mesomorphs are correlated with pitta in terms of being more well-proportioned,
muscular, assertive, vigorous and very active.”

Just as different doshas require varying treatments to
balance the body and mind, treatments based on somatotypes are also totally
customized to create an internal balance. “Each constitution has a unique biochemical composition,” adds
Dickinson. “They use more of certain minerals, so they need more
replenishment of these chemical elements. For example, with the endomorphs we know to use red algae, Himalayan salts, red clay, citrus, cinnamon, oregano
and the essential oils that deliver carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.”

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But it’s not all chemical. The treatments that work best have
a lot to do with the personality traits of each somatotype. For instance, one
of the main traits of a mesophorph is impatience and hyperactivity, so this
type would benefit most from vigorous body brushing. Endomorphs are known for
being social and engaging, and for them, Dickinson recommends a Vichy shower
treatment because of its interactive nature. Not to be forgotten, Dickinson says the introverted ectomorph
needs extra attention and a scalp
massage during a wrap or extra guided meditation will provide “a soothing
connection and extra attention to their nervous system.”  

So, next time you think of your body type as just merely a shape,
think again, as you might be missing some key minerals or elements in your diet or overlooking a workout or treatment that may nourish you both mentally and physically. To
find out which somatotype you are, take this short quiz. Once you know which body
type you are, you’ll never look at your body as just a simple apple, pear,
hourglass or rectangle again.

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