How to Remove Belly Fat with No Liposuction or Tummy Tuck? Question 1

How to Remove Belly Fat with No Liposuction or Tummy Tuck? Question 1

“How Well Do These NEW, Fat Burner Injections Work?”
This week’s question comes from Jennifer of Toorak in Melbourne, Victoria.
Jennifer asks, “How Well Do These New, Fat Dissolving Injections Work?”
There are many so-called ‘treatments’ around that are claimed to help you get rid of stubborn fatty areas on your tummy, and other areas: fat freezing, ultrasound, heat treatments, fat dissolving injections…. but how do YOU know which ones work and which one will only cost you valuable time and waste your hard-earned money?

In a study done on 37 patients, fat dissolving injections were done four times, 8 weeks apart. This study was randomised and double blind – meaning neither the patient, nor the doctor knew which patient received the real fat dissolving injections and who were given the placebo (inactive / saline injections).

Measurements were taken of the circumference, photographs taken and ultrasound measurements recorded before and after.

And the Results?
91% of patients achieved fat reduction.

91% of people found the circumference around their abdomen was reduced by 6%!!!
And, ultrasound measurements showed their fat thickness was reduced by 36% after 4 treatments.
In our next short video in this series on fat dissolving injections we answer your question, “How Fast Will You See Your Fat Dissolve?”

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