Judy Greer Reveals the Dermatology Treatment She Uses to 'Stir Up Collagen Production'

Judy Greer Reveals the Dermatology Treatment She Uses to 'Stir Up Collagen Production'

Actress Judy Greer is one of the busiest women in Hollywood.
Not only has she starred in numerous movies, from The Descendants to the upcoming
film, Where’d You Go, Bernadette, but she even wrote a book back in
2014—all while looking absolutely incredible at 42 and suffering from a pretty serious dairy sensitivity. So, we caught up with the
star, who’s currently partnering with Lactaid, to discuss her secret to looking
ageless and staying healthy. Read on!

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NewBeauty: As a woman who’s sensitive to dairy,  do you alter your diet
in specific ways to ensure you avoid it? 
Judy Greer: Even though I’m sensitive to dairy, I love it too much to ever
consider completely removing it from my diet. That’s why I’m so happy that I
discovered Lactaid! With their milk, ice cream and cottage cheese, I still get
to enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of 100-percent real dairy
without discomfort, and I don’t have to worry about using dairy alternatives—because let’s be honest they just aren’t the same as the real deal. 

NB: What does your
diet consist of?
JG: I love starting my day with a smoothie
made with Lactaid milk, frozen berries and spinach. It’s so rich and creamy.
It’s been my go-to breakfast the last few weeks. I’m also a huge fan of their
cottage cheese. I’ll spread it on multigrain toast and try it with different
flavors, like spinach and hot sauce, or hummus and chia seeds. And, if I’m
looking to really treat myself, I’ll dig into their Cookies & Cream Ice
Cream, right out of the carton, because who has time for bowls? Since they’re
all real dairy, just without the lactose, I never have to worry about suffering
the consequences. Honestly, I just try to eat as healthy as possible. I just
feel better when I do. My face looks younger and brighter and my eyes look less
puffy. I can really see the benefits.

NB: Speaking of looking younger, what anti-aging skin care products are you using?
JG: I’ve been using Joanna Vargas’ products for a little over three months and I am in love! I use a few different serums, as well as the anti-aging
products and Vitamin C face wash. I can tell the difference when I use them and
my skin is super perky. My dermatologist, Dr. Christie Kidd, also makes this
special night time serum that I swear by. It’s yellow, so I call it the yellow
sauce, but I think its official name is renewal serum—it’s so great.

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NB: Are there any dermatologist treatments that you swear by to
keep your skin glowing and youthful?
I also go to Dr. Christie Kidd for Limelight Laser treatments
when I have the time. It works to reverse any sun damage by targeting all of
the layers of the skin. It’s just a great way to stir up collagen production,
get down to the nitty gritty under all those layers and wake up your overall
complexion. Joanna Vargas also does a really nice facial. I love getting one
done if I have a special event or a big week at work.

NB: What’s the best beauty advice someone has ever given you?
It sounds so boring and simple, but this is a really great
tip. My friend once told me to always put sunscreen on my hands when I’m
driving. Since I drive all the time in LA, I started keeping a little tube in
the console of my car and dab a little on the outside of my hands before I go
anywhere. I just wish I would have started doing that 20 years ago! The other
best advice is to simply sleep. Seriously, I can tell a major difference in
myself when I don’t get enough.


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