Laser Treatments in Columbus Ohio on Snapchat – ROXY Plastic Surgery

Laser Treatments in Columbus Ohio on Snapchat – ROXY Plastic Surgery

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe is Ohio’s leading plastic surgeon and is offering an inside look at the world of surgical and nonsurgical procedures on her snapchat account, @drgrawe. She features both surgical and non-surgical procedures on her account including laser treatments, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, Botox® and more.

The laser treatment Snapchat video gives viewers an exclusive look at a laser treatment in progress to eliminate facial wrinkle lines. Dr. Grawe takes followers through the entire process from start to finish, and explains how effective laser treatment can be for patients looking to remove age spots, spider veins or acne. For people who are interested in nonsurgical procedures, the “drgrawe” account on Snapchat gives them an inside look at this plastic surgery practice in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe is board-certified in plastic surgery with more than 10 years of experience, including five years running her own private practice. Since graduating from the University of Texas at Galveston and completing her residency training at Ohio State University Medical Center, Dr. Grawe has performed well over 1,000 surgeries and earned a 5-star rating on review sites like This is an extremely difficult feat to accomplish and shows just how much Dr. Grawe cares about her patients. (Check out her RealSelf ratings here:…)

Dr. Grawe and her staff are extremely friendly, considerate, and help all ROXY Plastic Surgery patients feel beautiful on the inside and out.

If you are searching for the best laser treatments in Ohio, pick up the phone today and call 614-764-7699 to make your consultation OR you can visit:

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