Mariah Carey Bathes in This for a Skin-Boosting ‘Beauty Treatment’

Mariah Carey Bathes in This for a Skin-Boosting ‘Beauty Treatment’

Mariah Carey has a reputation for being a
diva, especially when it comes to her beauty treatments. But with such smooth,
youthful skin at 48-years-old, we can’t help but think her diva tendencies are
actually paying off.

Thankfully, in an interview with the Gaurdian, Carey revealed a few more of
her skin tips, even setting one particular rumor—the one about solely bathing
in mineral water—straight. “I bathe in milk,” said Carey when asked about the gossip. “Sometimes I use milk as a beauty treatment,” she continued, adding that
the milk used must always be cold.

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it turns out that Carey doesn’t completely dismiss the mineral water rumors.
When asked if this speculation was completely untrue, Carey said, “Well, I
guess if there’s no clean water and I had to use mineral water, maybe I would.”

Carey didn’t elaborate exactly what the milk does for her skin, it’s well known
that the lactic acid in milk is great for exfoliating and softening the skin. In
fact, Cleopatra was said to be a fan of bathing in milk, so maybe Carey is on
to something after all.

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