Mommy Makeover Surgery | Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Surgery

Mommy Makeover Surgery | Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone wants to know what is a mommy makeover? Houston Plastic Surgery Mommy makeover is a generic term which has been coined in the plastic surgery space to describe a combination of procedures that are done on women after child birth. There is no set list of procedures. The mommy makeover addresses all of the areas which have been affected during childbirth. This can include excess skin, fat, or abdominal laxity, excess skin or fat in the flanks, thigh fat or excess skin in the area as well. Breast deflation or drooping in the breast is also common. Extra skin and fat in the arms can also be addressed. Not every woman who has gone through child birth has all these areas with a need to be treated. The Mommy makeover describes a basket of procedures which are done for each patient based on what their particular issues are.

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