Nail Extensions Are the Mind-blowingly Easy to Get Instantly Longer Nails

Nail Extensions Are the Mind-blowingly Easy to Get Instantly Longer Nails

Remember press-on nails of years past? Well they just got a
major upgrade. The newest and most innovative way to get more length without
the use of nail-destroying acrylic makes use of soft gel extensions and is by
far one of the coolest thing we’ve seen in the nail world in quite some time.

Celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna introduced us to the Aprés Nail Gel-X Extensions and they’re as
easy—and just about as fast—to apply as a regular gel manicure (they’re cured
with a light, too). “The extensions are adhered to your natural nails with
actual gel polish. And, unlike acrylics or hard gels, there is no sanding or
refilling so your nails aren’t damaged in the process,” says Hanna. That means
no funky odor, either.

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To create length, a
thin layer of gel is brushed on to the nail, then cured for two minutes under a
LED lamp before it’s filed down. Next, the gel tip is pressed on top of the
natural nail and set in place with a small LED flashlight and then cured again with a more
traditional LED lamp.

Lasting about two
to three weeks, the extensions, which cover the entire nail and don’t ‘lift’,
are soaked off just like gel polish. Perfect for when you want a little extra
length without any major commitment, not only do gel extensions look natural
and pretty, but anytime you see a celebrity or model sporting perfectly clear nails, this is their secret.

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