Pain-Free Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: Dr Barry Lycka video

Pain-Free Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: Dr Barry Lycka video Pain-free cosmetic surgery – Dr Barry Lycka highlights painless cosmetic surgery, even Botox can be done with no pain from the needle! Don’t be afraid – be informed!
Hi, I’m going to talk to you today about new advances in anaesthesia.

I’m Dr Barry Lycka – host of Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on and YourCosmeticDoctor.TV

Many procedures used to be very painful such as tattoo removal and scar removal. But in this day and age we put the same ‘freezing’ into an area that we use for liposuction. It is called Tumescent Anaesthesia, and it really makes a world of difference in the pain that a person experiences.

So if you are afraid of a procedure because of pain – don’t be! We can make almost all pain vanish now… we can make most procedures totally enjoyable.

For example, when a person is getting Botox, people are sometimes afraid of the needle. Well we use a tiny little vibrator on the skin so that the skin doesn’t even hurt when we introduce the needle.

I’m Dr Lycka – I would love you to have our free book, ‘Don’t Choose A Cosmetic Surgeon Without Me’ It’s a great book, it has tons of information to help you choose the doctor that you want for your cosmetic surgery.

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