Shiseido Just Bought a Technology That Eliminates Lines and Wrinkles Immediately

Shiseido Just Bought a Technology That Eliminates Lines and Wrinkles Immediately

like you, have tried our fair share of creams that promise to reverse telltale
signs of getting older. Though some are definitely better than others at holding up their end of the bargain, wrinkles are a way of life, and lotions can
only do so much. But, a new technology recently purchased by Shiseido has the
potential to change everything—starting with temporarily erasing wrinkles in

Known now only as second-skin technology, which is described
as, “a breathable, flexible and nearly invisible artificial skin,” according to
a release, (it’s still being developed) the synthetic skin-like material was
purchased from Massachusetts-based Olivo Laboratories, and is thought to be
worth tens of millions of dollars. In short, the material is created to mimic
youthful skin, and when rubbed onto the skin, dries as a clear film that
instantly conceals any wrinkles and lifts any sagging. Translation: Any product that contains this technology will turn back the clock in seconds. 

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According to Masahiko Uotani, president and CEO of Shiseido,
this deal paves the way for a new sector in the brand’s future: more
specifically, in the realm of skin shape correction. “Our transaction with
Olivo is an exciting next step in our ongoing pursuit to create entirely new
categories of beauty products at a global scale as a part of our VISION 2020,
middle to long-term strategy.”

We’re excited to learn what products could be on the horizon
from Shiseido and what they could mean for our instant gratification–hungry selves.
In the meantime, stay tuned to NewBeauty for any updates.

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