Starbucks Is Giving Away $1 Million in Gift Cards and It’s So Easy to Snag One for Yourself

Starbucks Is Giving Away $1 Million in Gift Cards and It’s So Easy to Snag One for Yourself

Listen up Starbucks lovers: The mega coffee
company has announced that starting today, it’ll be giving out $1 million worth of gift cards to its patrons as part of the initiative, Project
Give Good.

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Luckily for us, there are multiple ways to get
your hands on a gift card. The first, and arguably the simplest, way to snag
one is to make a purchase at Starbucks using the mobile app or a Starbucks Card
in December. Doing so will automatically give you Gold status in Starbucks
Rewards for 2018, allowing access to a slew of special offers and exclusive deals.

Another way to snag rewards? Be in the right place at the right time. Project Give Good is also making Starbucks baristas from all over the
country fashion themselves into mini “Give Good” teams who go to
community celebrations (think tree lighting ceremonies, caroling events, etc.)
and give out $1 million worth of $20 Starbucks gift cards. Participating
baristas will be easy to spot because they’ll be dressed in red and green aprons, so keep an eye out for their signature outfit.

As the last component of Project Give Good,
Starbucks is bringing back the beloved Starbucks for Life sweepstakes.
Beginning December 5, customers have a chance to win free Starbucks for either a week,
a month, a year or their whole life. In order to enter, just make a purchase
over the next month with your Starbucks Card.

Check in on Starbucks’ website or follow
along the hashtag #GiveGood in order to keep an eye on all the exciting
happenings with Project Give Good.

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