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Tampa | Clearwater | Male 6 Pack Abs | Male Lipo

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I’m Dr. Robert Miles and I’m here today to talk to you about the 6 pack abs and the 3D Body Sculpting.

Most men would like to have that appearance of a well exercised man who has a perfect shape.

However, we don’t have the time in the gym.

We don’t have the time with the exercise ball.

We don’t have time to work out.

Then it takes time to develop that appearance whether you are 65 or you’re 25.

You can come in here and we can look at your body and determine whether you are a candidate to create that amazing appearance of the 6 pack abdomen.

We are able to chisel out the rectus abdominus muscle and make it have those nice linear striations and make it look like you’ve been in the gym forever.

Maybe you are in the gym and you just want to have your muscles stand out a little bit more and you don’t want to go through the process of dieting and then purging and trying to get your body so that you have just the right amount of body fat level so that your muscles show up.

Come and talk to us; we are able to help you get that appearance that looks so nice and so defined.

Please call us at 813-448-6820.

5352 N Habana Ave
Tampa, FL 33614


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