The All-Natural Mushroom Powder That's Replacing Morning Coffee

The All-Natural Mushroom Powder That's Replacing Morning Coffee

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
A luxe, organic blend of eight high-performing mushrooms that promises to sharpen focus, strengthen immunity and balance the body—all in one scoop a day. 

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If You Want to Know More:
Eastern cultures have pegged medicinal mushrooms as one of
their superfoods of choice for centuries, but their portfolio of benefits
hasn’t been tapped into much stateside. Ultimate Shrooms ($60) from wellness
brand Live Ultimate is changing all of that with its tasty powder—it reminds me
of a mild cocoa—that’s easy to incorporate into any lifestyle.

Packed with a variety of medicinal
mushrooms—cordyceps, reishi, chage, lion’s mane, turkey tail, maitake, shiitake
and oyster—this smooth mix is brimming with therapeutic compounds like beta-glucans,
triterpenoids, ergosterols and other polysaccharides that work to balance
hormones, boost energy, fight stress, improve brain health and support healthy
cholesterol and blood sugar levels (to name a few).

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Despite its laundry list of benefits, I saw the biggest—and
most immediate—difference in my mental clarity and energy after drinking it in place of my morning joe.
Multiple cups of coffee used to be my norm, but one scoop of this powder into
almond milk, or water to cut calories, does the trick and then some. If you’re
looking for a real boost in focus—this comes in handy when Monday feels *very* Monday—a scoop into your coffee delivers concentration
you didn’t know you had.

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