The Crazy Strict Diet Kourtney Kardashian Followed to Get in the Best Shape of Her Life

The Crazy Strict Diet Kourtney Kardashian Followed to Get in the Best Shape of Her Life

One look at Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram account and it’s
easy to tell the oldest Kardashian is thriving. Every other image seems to be one of her vacationing all over the world and strutting around in high-end bikini, clearly in the best shape of her life. At 38 years old, Kardashian has a crazy-toned body, and according to the reality star, it’s taken months of strict dieting to get to the point that she’s at now.

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According to a post on her app, Kardashian regularly veers away from all dairy, gluten and sugar, but when she’s “detoxing,” her diet gets even harsher. Her daily nutrition plan consists of three low-carb meals a day—meaning no grains, beans or legumes—that are also high in protein and fatty acids.


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To start the day, Kourtney eats a creamy avocado pudding made from one avocado, a tablespoon of cane sugar, half a cup of milk (dairy-free, probably), and Manuka honey, Marie Claire

Lunch and dinner, on the other hand, consist of fish or chicken with a side of cauliflower rice or broccoli. A handful of almonds are the only snack allowed throughout the day and after she eats dinner, Kardashian restricts herself from eating again for 14 to 16 hours—just in time for breakfast, People Magazine reports.

That’s not all, Kardashian does a 24-hour fast one day per week, drinking only water and bone broth to keep her full. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this detox is difficult,” she said, adding that she also values balance. “I also know that I need to enjoy my life, so I break the rules when I go on vacation or if there’s a special occasion.”

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