The Lash Booster That Saved My Stubby Lashes

The Lash Booster That Saved My Stubby Lashes

Just Get to the Point:

If you don’t have the time or money for
pricey lash extensions—or just want to look more like yourself—a lash
enhancer like Grande-Lash MD Serum gives your
natural lashes a boost.

You Want to Know More:

Ever since May 19, aka the day Meghan
Markle married Prince Harry, this tweet has been
ringing in my head: “Imagine getting married to Prince Harry in just tinted
moisturizer and mascara.” As all royal-watchers and beauty-watchers know,
Meghan Markle made headlines [not to mention history] with the natural beauty
look she chose as one of her first moves as Duchess of Sussex. Markle managed
to marry a royal without fake lashes. But if I had to guess, she’s been using
some sort of lash booster.

Eyelash products like Grande-Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum chemically enhance your existing lashes with
vitamins, amino-acids, and antioxidants. It’s like Biotin for your hair
— an over-the-counter option to help lashes grow in longer and fuller.
It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

My lashes are so stubby and straight that
I’ve long considered them a lost cause, and I don’t mean that in the bad way.
Instead of worrying about trying to fix what isn’t there with strip lashes or
extensions, I mostly just count them out of my beauty routine. Sometimes, I
don’t even put on mascara. But over the few weeks, I’ve layered Grande-Lash
over my lash line faithfully every night before bed. The directions advise you
to swipe the product on over your upper lashes the same way you would a liquid
liner. But this is much better than a liquid liner, because the product is
clear, which means there’s no squiggly black line to erase or fix. All you need
is one, solid swipe. You’ll know right away that the product is working, thanks
to a few seconds of tingling. Then all you have to do is go to bed. Grande-Lash
recommends using the serum every night for 4-6 weeks, with “full results” in 3
months. In a few weeks of using the serum, I’ve noticed even my teeny-tiny
lashes appear fuller, and I expect to have the full Markle [a term I just
invented that means gorgeous natural beauty] in another few weeks of use. The
serum is way easier and cheaper than
sitting for hours in a lash artist’s chair, not to mention it’s a one-time
purchase of $65. I’ll never look back, but if I did, you’d notice my lashes.

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