The One Concealer Alicia Silverstone Swears by For Covering Dark Circles

The One Concealer Alicia Silverstone Swears by For Covering Dark Circles

Alicia Silverstone doesn’t look at day over
30. Maybe it’s thanks to her completely natural beauty routine, or maybe it’s genetics,
but 41 has never looked so good.

In an interview with The New York Times, the
“Clueless” star shared that her entire beauty regimen—from her cleanser to her
blush—is natural. But Silverstone doesn’t just go by what Sephora tells us is “green”—she’s
found her own niche, under-the-radar favorites that work for her skin including brands
like Garden Apothecary, Tammy Fender, One Over One, W3LL People, Maison
Jacynthe and Josh Rosebrook.

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Her skin care routine includes cleansing with an
oil-based cleanser and then following with a toner. The next step for the
majority of us would be a moisturizer or hydrator, but Silverstone skips it. “For
actual moisturizer, I use oils,” she says, adding that Garden Apothecary’s Higher Ground ($108), Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil ($40) and Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum ($75) are her go-tos for glowing, hydrated skin.

Makeup is a huge part of any actress’ life but this one isn’t a fan. “I very, very rarely put makeup on if I’m
not working,” Silverstone says, adding that if she is going out, she’ll put
some of her minimal favorites on. But, her “going-out” makeup is likely much different than what you have in mind. Namely, she doesn’t use foundation. Instead, she reaches
for a natural concealer and swipes it only where she needs it. “I eat really clean, and you can see it in the skin,
but sometimes you need a little concealer to cover dots here and there.” Her
must-have is Ecco Bella Flowercolor Cover Up ($22), a chemical- and
fragrance-free option which she says is great for concealing under the eyes.

In the discussion of whether or not clean options are better for our skin, green beauty has received equal amounts of hype and flack. But, if Silverstone’s complexion is any indication of how well natural products work, we’re all in.

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