The Simple Trick Nicole Kidman Uses to Keep Her Skin Taut and Toned

The Simple Trick Nicole Kidman Uses to Keep Her Skin Taut and Toned

Nicole Kidman
just won another Emmy award for her leading role in the HBO megahit Big Little Lies, and when the actress
got on stage to accept her award she delivered a powerful speech on the topic
of domestic abuse, an issue highlighted on the award-winning series. As she
delivered her poignant acceptance speech, it was hard not to marvel at the
star’s always-flawless porcelain complexion. The actress recently revealed a
lifelong skin care trick for keeping her alabaster skin looking taut and toned.

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“When I wake up in the morning,
I love splashing cold water on my face or sometimes taking a super cold
shower,” she told Vogue. A cold-water
skin splash is a beauty hack that has been heralded by many constricting pores,
making them appear smaller and reducing facial redness and inflammation by constricting

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“I think I do that because when
I was young, I would swim in the ocean in Australia,” revealed Kidman. “So
there’s something connected to starting the day with cold water. There’s
something about the ocean—the salt—that feels so good for you.”

When it comes to her skin care routine, Kidman
admits it’s a question she often gets asked and the best advice she can give is
what her mother told her long ago. “I get asked how I’ve kept it, and it’s
sunscreen. I never, ever, ever forget
sunscreen. I thank my mom for that because she started me on the regime.”

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