The Skin Booster That’s Changing My Mind About Supplements

The Skin Booster That’s Changing My Mind About Supplements

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
are our skin’s natural hydrators, helping to fortify the skin’s moisture
barrier and plump it up. NeoCell Ceramides Skin Hydrator ($19) is a quick and easy way to
up your good ingredients count with a daily ingestable supplement.

If You Want to Know More:
it comes to pill-popping, I’m the type that’s more inclined to save them for absolutely
necessary situations. You wouldn’t exactly call me the type of person that
thoroughly enjoys taking their daily Flintstones gummies. I wouldn’t say I avoid medications, but after the daily
horse pills I have to take to combat migraines, I rarely have the energy to
experiment with supplements. But my friends, colleagues and Gwyneth Paltrow
have long encouraged me to get out of my vitamin-free comfort zone. Lately, it
seems like new supplements are introduced every day,
and the benefits sound too promising to ignore. Because I’m me, I broke out of my comfort zone with a supplement for good

which calls itself America’s No. 1 Collagen brand, creates daily supplements
that are meant to plump skin and reduce fine lines quite literally from the
inside out. The Ceramides Skin Hydrator is a twice-daily supplement that’s
designed to show results in just 15 days. I tacked it on to my a.m. and p.m.
skin care routines—it may be a different delivery system, but it’s skin care
just as much as my sunscreen or retinol. Each capsule contains known hydrating
skin booster hyaluronic acid, all-around good ingredient vitamin C, coconut
water, pine bark extract, and marigold flower. But, the rockstar ingredient is
ceramides, plant-based lipids that help reinforce the moisture barrier so skin stays hydrated and
protected. The moisture barrier is made of
lipids, so ingesting extra in the form of ceramides just helps rebuild and
reinforce—it’ll give you the extra oomph that turns
good skin into great skin.

As someone who’s spent a
lot of time (or, you could argue, dedicated a career) turning bad skin into
decent skin, I’m always on the lookout for the magic bullet that will get my
skin over the plump, hydrated line into greatness. Thanks to this supplement,
I’m 15 days closer. The longer I take the
Skin Hydrator, the more plumpness I’ve noticed, which helps after long nights
and early mornings. According to the brand, moisture will increase by 36
percent and skin smoothness by 34 percent after those two weeks and one day.
I’d never put a number, or a value, on good skin, but I know I feel better, and
I’m suddenly on Team Supplements. Gwyneth, give me a call.

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