These 2 Common Bra Mistakes Could be the Reason Your Breasts Look Droopier Than They Are

These 2 Common Bra Mistakes Could be the Reason Your Breasts Look Droopier Than They Are

the line, “Can’t live with them; can’t live without them,” was first uttered
about women (*rolls eyes*), but every one of us knows the same can be said about
bras. They’re uncomfortable, can get expensive and can make our breasts look saggy. But,
could of half the battle be our fault?

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out, most of us are making mistakes we don’t even realize when it comes to our bras, and
it’s making the already less-than-ideal situation (you know, having to wear
one) much worse. You may have heard of the issues that may arise when you wash
your bras wrong or buy the wrong size (expert tip: buy one that fits well on
the last set of hooks, not the tightest), but there are more faux pas involved than we
think—like these common offenders that Erin Landon, vice president of merchandising at Soma, says often result in an ill-fitting, droopy look no one wants.

Wearing the same bra two days in a row
According to Landon, this
isn’t a good idea because our perspiration can cause our bra’s elastic to
deteriorate. Other experts say bras also need at least one day to “breathe” and let
the elastic snap back and rebuild its strength. “I suggest having at least
three bras in your wardrobe: one to wear, one to wash and one to rest for a
day. Rotating your bras like this will help each one last longer.”

Not replacing your
bra frequently enough
“Women need new bras when their old ones stretch out,” says
Landon, explaining that this is when the band no longer fits snugly on the
tightest hooks. “With a bra that you wear and wash two to three times per week,
you’ll probably need to replace them after six to 12 months.” 

While eight months
is usually the sweet spot of how long a bra will last—the brand will
stretch out after that, and it won’t support you anymore—Landon says when your
body goes through a change, you’ll need to replace it sooner. “Whether it’s gaining
or losing five or more pounds, getting pregnant, having a baby, nursing, after
a breast surgery, or menopause, all of these events will affect how your bra
fits, the support you’ll need and how comfortable it feels.”

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