This Celebrity Facialist Just Launched a Device That Pushes Ingredients Deeper Into the Skin

This Celebrity Facialist Just Launched a Device That Pushes Ingredients Deeper Into the Skin

Skin care is a skilled art, and for that reason, celebrities typically only trust
a handful of experts with their beauty needs. One of those experts happens to
be New York–based facialist Georgia Louise, a skin care specialist to celebrities
like Molly Sims, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett. With
signature treatments that have celebrities hooked on her sessions, Louise is
one of the most sought-after aestheticians in the industry, making appointments with her somewhat impossible to book. Thankfully, there’s now a way to get a Georgia Louise–approved skin care boost in the comfort of your own home.
How? Well, Louise is officially launching a new device that houses one
of her favorite in-office technologies: galvanic current.

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Galvanic current—which is used in many of Louise’s signature
facials—is a type of current that increases blood flow and circulation in the skin while
also pulling potent ingredients deep throughout the dermis layers. The new device, GloPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer ($164), allows
consumers to get this electric experience at home, supercharging
their skin care routine and giving them that post-facial glow in just 20

Image/Georgia Louise

Here’s how it works: First, apply the ionized sheet mask. Then, put on the GloPulse device as you would a headband,
allowing the two electrode plates to rest on the cheeks. Turn on the current to
your preferred frequency (there are three levels, all intended for different skin
concerns) and let the device work its magic for 20 minutes. Once the time is up, simply
remove the tool and the sheet mask before rubbing in any residual serum.

Immediately after use, skin will look healthier and more radiant, with
results lasting much longer than when using a sheet mask on its own. One thing
to note, you can’t use just any sheet mask with the device, it has to be one
from Georgia Louise’s brand because they’re specifically ionized to create a “circuit” across the face to pull
the ingredients deeper into the skin.

So, if you’re looking for a celeb-worthy facial at home, GloPulse
is now available for purchase on With such a high-profile
clientele list, we can’t help but predict that this new, high-tech device will
soon be making its rounds among Hollywood’s elite, and we’ll be sure to update this post when it does.

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