This Defining Curl Cream Cuts Out the Crunch Factor

This Defining Curl Cream Cuts Out the Crunch Factor

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
It’s a 10’s Miracle Defrizzing Curl Cream ($24) delivers
soft and shiny definition for curly, coily and chemically treated hair.

If You Want to Know More:
Finding a styling product that fulfills curly hair needs
takes a lot of trial and error. I’ve tried everything from sprays and gels to
mousses and milks in an effort to tame my frizzy tresses and enhance my natural
texture—all with mixed results. Though I have a lot of hair, it’s on the finer
side, so I usually have to use lighter formulas to prevent my strands from
getting weighed down.

I thought I’d always
have to avoid any styling products thicker than a hair milk to get the
lightweight yet frizz-free definition I’m always aiming for. That is, until I
got to test drive It’s a 10’s Miracle Defrizzing Curl Cream and discovered I
didn’t have to fear thicker creams.

Infused with macadamia
nut oil to nourish and add shine, humectants to lock in hydration and proteins
to strengthen, the cream checks off 10 hair benefits (as per the brand’s name)
to leave curls looking glossy, bouncy and healthy. The thick product melts a
bit once you rub it in your hands, and the more manageable consistency was what
had me instantly hooked. But one thing to note: It’s easy to go a bit
overboard, so start with a small dollop and add more throughout the

The instructions
recommended working the cream into damp hair from roots to ends before either
diffusing it with a blowdryer or letting it air-dry, which fit in perfectly
with my usual no-frills approach. I found that leaving my hair a little wetter
than damp allowed for easier distribution and concentrated the product on the
ends first and slathered however much of the cream was leftover on my roots.
That way my roots remained smooth without looking greasy or weighed down, and the
ends were polished into spirals instead of flying frizzy and free.

After applying the
cream, I tried both air-drying it and tossing it up into a topknot, and
regardless of the method, I saw that the cream gave my curls the kind of
definition I’d get from a gel or a mousse without the crunchy finish of either
of them. Plus, I found I could easily eke out second-day hair by throwing into
a bun overnight, shaking out the curls in the morning and using a little bit of
water to slick down any remaining frizzy bits. While it worked well on my fine
curls, I think the formula would also be a great fit for thicker, more textured
hair types. Just be sure to leave your locks a little wet before application
and you’ll be amazed by the results!

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