This Foundation Made Me Believe in Foundation Again

This Foundation Made Me Believe in Foundation Again

I’m not much of a makeup person. I rarely say that out loud because
I work at a beauty magazine and the admission seems downright blasphemous, but
it is unequivocally true. Throw some
tinted moisturizer with SPF and a bit of brow pencil on me in the morning and I
am good to go. Foundation, and everything else beyond that, is pretty much
foreign and complicated to me. In fact, I think the first time I even wore it
was because my mom chased me down before the senior prom and pleaded that I apply
something, anything before I walked
out the door—and I’ve rebelled by rarely wearing it in the 20-plus years that
have followed.

So when Stellar hit Sephora last year, I wasn’t
super stoked, as new makeup launches are more my coworkers thing. Armed with my
trusty notebook to report back to the team, I went to meet the brand’s creator,
former-MTV VJ Monika Deol, completely interested in why she was launching a
beauty company, but not with the open mindset that I would immediately
introduce everything the line offered into my beyond-basic routine.  

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Two seconds in and I really liked the
concept, mainly because the shade range—22 different ones that take undertones
into account—is so large and customization is one of their cornerstones. Deol
is also the real deal; she gets what on-camera makeup means and, being of
Indian decent and growing up in Canada, she also gets that it’s a not-so-simple
task to finding your perfect makeup shade. Plus, the very intelligent Sephora
team was there, and they assured me that they knew how to match my complexion
to a very customized shade of the star, Sephora-exlusive product, the Limitless Foundation (I’m
pretty pale and have a ton of red undertones, and I was matched up to
perfection with S03; if you go to a Sephora store, they can help match you via
your Color IQ).

Fast-forward to five months later and
I’m completely obsessed with this foundation. It almost impossibly delivers a
lightweight, glowy, borderline-serum coverage, while still concealing
everything and staying put from morning until you wash it off at night. It
sounds clichéd, but a little goes a long way (I’m still on my first bottle)
and, since it is still a full-coverage foundation, you only need a few drops to
make magic happen, minus any weird mask-like, too-heavy results.

Now, I wear it on most days and, on the
days I do, it’s almost a guarantee someone will say, “Your skin looks good;” on
the days I don’t, I don’t totally feel like myself. Call me a convert.

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