This Hair Balm Made My Strands As Soft and Sleek As a Professional Treatment

This Hair Balm Made My Strands As Soft and Sleek As a Professional Treatment

Let’s Just Get to the Point: Keratin Complex’s Infusion Keratin Replenisher ($41) does more than just condition; it also smoothes, polishes and protects against frizz.

If You Want to Know More: My
naturally wavy hair and hotter than hot temperatures and frizz are not a good
mix. Regardless of which styling or frizz-fighting product I coat my hair with,
the second my hair is exposed to the elements, it curls up, despite the fact that I have pretty much mastered a sleek blowout. With a
drawer full of hair products, I had yet to find “the one” that leaves my
color-treated hair feeling soft and as smooth as silk. That was until I got my
hands on Keratin Complex’s Infusion Keratin Replenisher ($41).

semithick, pink cream not only hydrates dry strands, but also works to
revitalize hair with a signature keratin blend and soy and wheat proteins to
leave it strong, super shiny and literally as smooth as silk. It’s also chock-full of rosemary leaf, which conditions, and moisturizing coneflower extract.

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Used on
wet or dry hair—I like to use it on freshly washed hair right before blow-drying it, but have noticed it works best on sopping wet hair as opposed to
semidry hair—this new must-have also speeds up drying time, cutting off
about 10 minutes. Plus, I don’t have to pull so hard to get my hair straight
and smooth when I apply this first.

keratin-based treatments, which have much higher amounts of keratin and give
longer-lasting results for months on end, this use-as-needed styling agent is
different in that hydrolyzed keratin, the second ingredient listed, works to
replenish keratin in the hair to smooth and polish the cuticle, leaving it
protected from humidity. Zoe Hyams, Keratin Complex executive director of marketing says the unique hydrolyzed keratin, which is derived from sheep’s
wool, carries out the same function as natural keratin in the hair. “Infusion
Keratin Replenisher has many functions—if it is being used as a blow-dry aide, the frizz-free benefits will last until the next time the hair is washed.”

first time I tried this cream, I was hooked. My hair, which typically boasts
dry, fried ends due to an overload of bleach, felt silky and shiny. And the
best part? When I woke up the next morning, my hair was totally smooth and
straight with nary a gnarly curl or kink in sight, for a true #iwokeuplikethis experience.

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