This Is The Best-Selling Eye Cream on Right Now

This Is The Best-Selling Eye Cream on Right Now

Most skin-care goals—be it model-grade dewiness, an uptick
in firmness or a lessening of stubborn lines and wrinkles—all boil down to
moisture. When your skin’s hydration levels depleted, your skin will look always
look less than its best. This dermatologist-preached rule is likely one of the many reasons belif’s hero product (also widely regarded as Korea’s top beauty product), The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb,
became a cult-classic once it hit stateside shelves a couple of years back. But
as reported on by Popsugar, it’s not the only product from the brand to have
massive success.  

Recently launched for a September 2017 rollout, belif’s Moisturizing Eye Bomb ($48) was reported as the best-selling eye cream on last
week. Like the original Moisture Bomb, the Eye Bomb formula delivers intense,
long-lasting hydration (we’re talking up to 26 hours) thanks to botanical ingredients
like comfrey leaf and pennywort with a lightweight, never greasy finish.

While it’s new to store shelves, the cream has already been
tried, tested and loved by many complexions backstage at New York Fashion Week,
where Gigi Hadid and other big names were prepped with it before hitting the
runway. According to celebrity
aesthetician Eileen Harcourt, who prepped the NYFW models, a reliable trick to
use when using the Eye Bomb is apply it on the lips as well as around eye area.
She explains that using the formula on your pout offers both instant and
long-lasting hydration because of its ability to sink into the inside layers of
your skin (something your go-to balm can’t do). “It’s also going to flood all
of those dry lines that you have.”

adds that the same goes for use around the eyes—lines, wrinkles and dryness
will seem to magically vanish once the cream is applied, and when used on a
regular basis, will lessen for good. With multiple ways to use it and effective
results all around, it’s no guessing why this eye cream is selling out at
Sephora so fast. Be sure to pick one up or order it while you can; this Bomb
cream is destined to be a cult-classic, too.

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