This Makeup Product Perfects Skin on Women of All Ages

This Makeup Product Perfects Skin on Women of All Ages

“Did this work for you? It didn’t do a thing for me,” is a
common phrase in any beauty editor’s office. Sure, it would be a dream come
true if every product ever launched always transformed our skin and
delivered a perfect complexion in seconds, but that’s not the reality, and what
works for one person, likely won’t for the next.

Needless to say, because applying any product for the first
time comes with underlying worry that it won’t be your shade or agree with your
skin, you usually try it in your house—not right before you step in front of
thousands of cameras. But thanks to the soon-to-be-released Hollywood Flawless
($44) from Charlotte Tilbury (it’s been under wraps for 25 years), that’s
exactly what Laura Dern, Greta Gerwig, Mandy Moore and Susan Sarandon did as
they prepped for the Golden Globes with what’s about to be a whole new category of makeup. 

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Inspired by social media filters and how they read your face
for the perfect optical illusion, the tinted formula (it’s applied to the high
points of your face, cheekbones and anywhere you want a glow) uses airbrush
polymers to work as a similar lens. It instantly blurs imperfections and redirects
attention and light only to the areas of your face where you want it—smoothing,
blurring and lifting where you don’t. Even better, it’s rich in Thai porcelain
flower extract, which is rich in natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,
so you’re treating your skin as you wear it. 

Mandy Moore’s makeup artist,
Matin, even applied it to her neck, shoulders and arms for a lightweight, ethereal
glow that never looks heavy or cakey—you didn’t even know she had it on!

Sound too good to be true? Let these four muses—who span the
ages of 33 to 71, by the way—be your ultimate guides; no filter needed. You can purchase it for yourself
on 2/22.

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