This Rare Snap of Andy Warhol’s Medicine Cabinet is a Skin Care Junkie’s Dream

This Rare Snap of Andy Warhol’s Medicine Cabinet is a Skin Care Junkie’s Dream

If peeking into a celebrity’s medicine cabinet is your thing, you’re going to really get your jollies with this throwback shot posted by AnOther Magazine of Andy Warhol’s favorite grooming products. The 1987 photograph—captured after his death by photographer David Gramble—shows a variety of the iconic pop artist’s personal picks with a collection that rivals today’s beauty obsessed #shelfies.


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The packed shelves of his cabinet include some classics you’d expect to find in an 80s-beautifying arsenal, many of which are still standout stars today. For skin care, Clinque’s 7-Day Scrub Cream and Sub Skin Cream made the cut. Interface Herbal Rub Scrub, Cetaphil Lotion Cleanser, Vaseline, Noxzema Antiseptic Skin Cleansing Pads and Xerac BP 10 (benzoyl peroxide to treat acne) also make an appearance. Looking at all of the options, we can only guess at what Warhol’s skin care routine would like today in our post K-Beauty 10-step skin care climate.

From aloe vera tanning lotions (can you image the Factory visionary slathering on the SPF?) to hair removal and designer fragrances (like Chanel, Guerlain and Halston), Warhol had a treasure trove of recognizable bath and body works at his fingertips. 70s and 80s hair removal staple Neet lotion is present as well as Vitabath Spring Green Shower Gel, Lubriderm Lubath Bath & Shower Gel, Alo Sun Fashion Tan (with an SPF of 2!) and a collection of the beloved flavored Bonne Bell Lip Smackers are just a few notable products that are easily recognizable from first glance. 

Known for his trademark wig, Warhol who suffered from alopecia areata, also kept an assortment of the day’s best hair care products. “I am a deeply superficial person,” he once said. “If you wear a wig, everybody notices. But if you then dye the wig, people notice the dye.” With bottles of Vidal Sassooon Shampoo, Pantene for Him, Exsel Selenium Sulfide scalp lotion and Framesi Styling Gel, one can only wonder at his process for keeping his silver-grey coif in place. 

We might never know just how beauty obsessed the artist was in terms of his own habits, but with just one voyaristic look inside his personal stash you can ascertain that like many of us today, he too elevated his grooming routine to an art form.

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