This Sleep-In Lip Balm Promises Results That Rival Lip Injections

This Sleep-In Lip Balm Promises Results That Rival Lip Injections

From the first moment that I tried Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip
($24), I was a fan. The lip balm that put Happ on the map, this super rich,
extra glossy formula not only hydrates on contact, but also enhances the
natural color of your lips and can be worn over or under pretty much any type
of lip color. One swipe and I was hooked.

Over the years, Happ has introduced an array of lip-centric
products, but it is her newest launch, The Dream Slip Renew ($32), that caught my
eye, especially because I’m constantly on a quest to
keep the results of my lip-plumping injectables intact.

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As the name suggests, the nighttime-use, thick, matte balm
(I’m beginning to notice a pattern here with Happ’s textures and formulations
in that she favors thick—but not goopy—formulas that are actually comfortable on the
lips and really deliver results) goes on like a typical lip balm in a pot. But
here’s where it differs: it sinks into your lips, doesn’t stain your pillowcase
and leaves you with the softest, fullest lips come morning. 

I also paired it
with Sara Happ Plump & Prime Lip Brush ($28), and come morning, my lips
looked as good as they do in the first few days after being injected.

Think of this one like a night cream and an anti-wrinkle, plumping balm
for your lips.

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