This Video Is Going Viral For Showing What Post-Partum Hair Loss Really Looks Like

This Video Is Going Viral For Showing What Post-Partum Hair Loss Really Looks Like

Salon-chair videos rack up hundreds of thousands of views on
Instagram all the time. But the latest clip isn’t going viral for an incredible
color job or a jaw-dropping makeover—it’s showcasing the truth about what pregnancy
does to your hair.

When Christina Kreitel, owner of Utah’s Intrepid Studio
Salon, shared a video of her pulling out large clumps of one of her clients’
hair, she didn’t know it would resonate with so many viewers—over one million
in 24 hours, to be exact.

“Nothing like that post pregnancy shed,” the caption reads, as
we watch the hair come right out of the new mother’s scalp with barely any
effort. While some viewers are shocked at the somewhat unsettling clip, Kreitel
tells Yahoo! Lifestyle it’s something
she does a lot of. “It’s become a running joke among my pregnant clients that
after they give birth, I’ll have to pull out their hair. The client in the
video had a baby four months ago and that’s around when the hair loss starts.”

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The hundreds of comments span from surprising viewers— “I
didn’t know this happened!” is a common line—to those who are reassured by what
they’re watching. Many moms left notes including, “This is exactly what I’m going
through,” and, “I thought I was the only one.”

As other viewers note, this type of hair loss after
pregnancy is usually temporary. To ensure your hormone levels are in check,
consult with your doctor— levels often spike or dip during and after pregnancy,
causing an abrupt loss of hair and other symptoms—and don’t be afraid to visit
a stylist for a refresh. As Kreitel says, shedding this hair is just as good for
your hair’s health as a scalp treatment

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