This Viral Video of a Woman's Hair Falling Out Is Actually Chilling to Watch

This Viral Video of a Woman's Hair Falling Out Is Actually Chilling to Watch

In general, gradual hair loss is unsettling for those experiencing it, but hair loss that happens all at once? Truly unnerving. While
this doesn’t happen often, a viral video circulating social media is
highlighting that yes, it is possible for hair to be so damaged that it falls
out in big clumps.

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As pointed out by Allure,
the video in question shows someone combing through a woman’s hair with a small
comb while giving her a relaxer hair treatment. While brushing, tufts of the woman’s hair
begin breaking off with each pull of the comb, leaving very little hair behind.
“Dye, dye” the woman combing says after a particularly large clump of hair tears
from the woman’s head and sticks to the brush.

Commenters on the video speculate that the woman had received a
dye job before attempting the relaxer. This double process can
certainly be to blame for the breakage—after all, layering chemical treatments
like this can severely damage hair. “This is a combination of already damaged hair,
coloured hair, relaxer on for way too long, relaxer being used on already
relaxed hair. That combination will make anyone go bald,” one concerned commenter wrote
on the video. “This is so hard to watch,”
wrote another.

As the video proves to be true,
everyone should be wary before partaking in any sort of chemical-based hair
treatment. Hair dye, relaxers and perms all have the potential to lead to major hair
damage, although not necessarily to the extent seen in the video. However, it’s always best to do your
research before committing to any hair treatment and discuss options with a professional hair dresser. After all, it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

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