This Woman's Cheap Trick for Faking Glowy Skin in Photos Is Pure Genius

This Woman's Cheap Trick for Faking Glowy Skin in Photos Is Pure Genius

Achieving glowing
skin is no easy feat, but achieving glowing skin that’ll look flawless on camera?
Borderline impossible. Luckily, one woman—who recently went viral for her
radiant selfies on Instagram—just shared her secret for taking the perfect glowy selfie, and unsurprisingly, her tips are good.

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In her post titled, “How
I take glowy selfies,” Instagram user @milkeu_tea reveals the three tips she
swears by when taking photos of herself. According to the post, the first step
is to apply a light base of tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Then, @milkeu_tea recommends
using a cream or liquid highlighter on your cheekbones to give them an almost
reflective glow. Her favorite? The Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter ($10).

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Once your makeup has
been successfully applied, take your selfie in a place with tons of natural sunlight.
According to @milkeu_tea, “this honestly makes the biggest difference” (you can
see just how big of a difference natural versus indoor lighting makes on the
third slide of her post, below). Finally, @milkeu_tea recommends tweaking your photo’s
warmth level before posting to social media because it gives skin a “sun-kissed and glowy” finish.

For the full selfie tutorial, check out @milkeu_tea’s post, below.

A couple of people have been asking for it so here we are 😂

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